Meet the quadruple amputee make-up vlogger shaking up the industry


In a world where it sometimes feels like every second person you meet is either an aspiring #fitspo star or beauty vlogger, Kaitlyn Dobrow is a breath of fresh air.

Not because she isn’t a beauty vlogger – she is. And a successful one at that – so far, she’s clocked over 80,000 Instagram followers and her Youtube videos can garner up to 300,000 views.

What makes Kaitlyn different? Tragically, she lost all of her limbs and 57 per cent of her skin after contracting an extremely severe case of bacterial meningitis.

After a staggering 21 operations and six months in hospital, Kaitlyn did the unthinkable – she trained herself to pick up a make-up brush. She explains all in an interview shared with Now This overnight.

Using a slew of handy apparatus and her prosthetic arm, she now posts tutorials on everything from autumn make-up looks to glam pink lips to on-trend glitter eyes.

Her winged liner skill is phenomenal, her sense of humour wicked and she’s a powerful reminder that a woman is worth so much more than the skin she’s in.

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