The Evolution Of Meghan Markle’s Brows

The subtle changes that make a world of difference

Ever since we learnt that Prince Harry was dating Meghan Markle, we have obsessed over every single detail, from her oh-so-chic wardrobe to her princess-perfect locks. 

But one thing we haven’t paid much attention to, until now, is her brows. And it’s not so much a case of unnoticed, it was more just a case of they’re great, moving on.

Meghan Markle

But when you compare photos of Meghan from her pre-Harry days, to now, in her role as the Duchess of Sussex (because that’s just the kind of investigative journalism we do here), you notice that her brows have changed quite a bit – and even the subtlest of changes can make the world of difference to the face.

From around 2010, in her early Suits days, Meghan was (like so many of us) a victim of the over-plucking era, rocking a much thinner, heavily angled, brow.

Meghan Markle

Then Meghan cottoned on to the power of the fuller brow, putting down the tweezers, she began to wear hers much thicker and fuller.

“So many made the ultimate ‘90s mistake of thin brows, and I hope most have learnt their lesson,” Hannah Mutze, national brow artist, Benefit Cosmetics previously told marie claire of the 2018 brow trends you need to know.

“We’ve now also come to recognise the transformational power of eyebrows where ageing is concerned, studies have even proven faces with stronger brows appear more youthful! On the other hand, hopefully 2017 saw the end of the over-drawn, overly defined eyebrows.”

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

However since becomming a royal, Meghan has once pared back her brows, opting for a more natural, perfectly-polished look.

“We do maintenance, tinting, threading, and a bit of tweezing,” Meghan’s brow guru, Sherille Riley, told People last year. “The tint I use is brown with a hint of black which gives a really soft natural look.”

Meghan Markle

Benefit national brow artist Hannah Mutze also gave us the low-down on exactly how to replicate Meghan’s brows ourselves – check it out here.

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