Miranda Kerr’s Ultimate Secret To A Good Night’s Sleep

The supermodel shares her bedtime routine

They say that the secret to supermodel skin is your beauty sleep.

Miranda Kerr‘s nightly regimen is proof that prioritising your slumber is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The Australian model and Kora Organics skincare founder revealed that after removing her make-up she reaches for her fail-safe natural remedy for instant relaxation – Calming Lavender Mist“At night-time, I spray the mist on the pillow and on my face. That is my ritual. The lavender mist is so calming so I just keep that by my bed,” the 35-year-old told Vogue

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Before crawling between the sheets, the mother-of-two schedules in her second mediation session of the day. She practices transcendental meditation using a manta. 

Miranda says her most important tip is turning her digital devices are turned off religiously switching her phone to airplane mode.  “I just don’t like to have that next to my head. I am too tempted to look at it. [It’s] lights off, Wi-Fi off, phone on airplane mode and I can get into bed and cuddle my husband,” she says.

Kerr adds, “A lot of the time if I can’t fall asleep I will put my eye mask and earplugs in, which is also a little ritual for me because of travelling so much on the airplane. Once I do that then, okay, I’m out. It is a little routine that I have had after so many years of travelling that automatically puts me into sleep mode.”

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