Miranda Kerr Shares Her Sunday Self-Care Ritual

We chat to the beauty boss about all things, beauty, sleep and wellness

To celebrate the launch of Kora Organics new Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum we caught up with the founder of the certified organic skincare company, Miranda Kerr. 

The latest product to be added to Kora Organics’ impressive line-up is a potent anti-ageing serum designed to improve skin tone and elasticity yet is gentle enough to be used on all skin types – including sensitive skin types and throughout pregnancy. Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum combines KORA’s Vitamin C superfruit complex with 12% Ascorbyl Glucoside ( a water-soluble derivative and the most stable form of Vitamin C), olive leaf extract and red pepper. 

Miranda isn’t just expanding her beauty empire – she’s also adding to her brood. Back in April, she announced that she’s pregnant with baby number three.  The 36-year-old is already a mum to eight-year-old Flynn (who she shares with Orlando Bloom) and one-year-old Hart, who she welcomed with husband Evan Spiegel

While Miranda and Evan are raising their family in the spotlight, the low-key couple still manages to keep some things private. Such as the sex of their baby. “We already know. But we’re not telling everyone,” Kerr told maire claire Australia. “My husband is ‘Mr Private’ so I have to respect that,” she added.

Here, the homegrown star talks about all things, beauty, sleep and wellness…

marie claire: What’s your five-minute make-up routine? 

Miranda Kerr: “That’s pretty much about all I spend on my make-up when I’m just at home or running around. Do Do you know the RMS Concealer? I used number 22 and I put a drop of the Noni face glow in there and I mix it with a brush in a pot and I put that all over my face. I use it as a foundation.

“Then I’ll put my highlighter (the Rose Quartz Highlighter Illuminiser) on my browbone and then with the Noni lip, I put that on my lips and cheeks and a little bit above the eye. That’s just a super quick way to get your glow on really simply but effectively.”

What is your Sunday self-care ritual?

MK: “Sunday is a wonderful day because I can switch off. I spend the day with the boys (Evan, Flynn and Hart). Whether we’re just going for a swim in the pool or a picnic in the garden, doing arts and crafts or maybe Flynn wants to make slime or wanting to draw or paint.

“Sunday is a day where I like to try to go with the flow and have a scheduled free day. I love to cook and Flynn is very good and helps with the decoration so I just think that..we have our regular routines. I just feel like that connection of the mind, body and skin is important…give your mind with positive affirmations and give your body the good nutrients it needs and give your skin the products to help detoxify and revitalize it. Sunday is about replenishing the mind and body and filling my heart with love.”

What is your go-to health fix?

“I try to be 80% healthy and 20% indulgent. If I feel like I need a little pick me up because we obviously have our little skin food supplements which we have in single-serve sachets so you can travel with it and pop in your handbag. It has noni, blueberry, matcha green tea, rosehip and alma berry (not sure if this is what she said) and you can have a little energy boost wherever you go.”

Are you reading any books right now?

I’m reading this book called Harmonic Healing by Dr Linda Lancaster, she’s a friend of mine. What I love about it, I know her very well, is that there are great little recipes in there and I did a little blog post about it but it’s about balancing your life and that’s what I’m in to.”

Does Evan get to try new products before they launch and does he ever weigh in along that process?

“Oh yeah, he does. He loves them. The funny thing is that he won’t go anywhere without the Noni glow face oil because he has naturally very dry skin and now he is addicted to the Tumerick Two-In-One Scrub and uses it in the shower every morning.

It was interesting because I was like ‘Honey, you have to try this’ and I notice when he uses products it goes from the back shelf to the front shelf. I was like ‘What did you think?’ and he was like ‘It’s actually amazing. I should’ve tried it earlier’. He loves the vitamin C serum as well. And then I put the sleeping mask on his face too so he’s incredible with letting me test and trial products on him. “

Do you have any tips for getting a good night’s sleep?

If I have a lot on my mind, I keep a notepad or a notebook next to me and write everything down that I know I need to do the next day. That way I know I won’t forget it or think about it all night long and then I can close the notebook and put it in my draw and go to sleep. If for some reason I can’t sleep, I’ll do a meditation and I’ve learnt transcendental meditation so I can do it in my head and that way I won’t annoy Evan with the guided meditation that I do. I do like to do guided meditation if I’m finding it hard to sleep. I love the lavender mist to spritz on my pillow which is a little ritual. Sometimes, if I’m in a new place or a different place that is as not as dark, I’ll put on an eye mask to let my body know that it’s time to go to sleep. Because of all of the travel that I’ve done, it’s a little ritual that works for me to shut down and close off.”

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