Miranda Kerr Takes Us Through Her Morning Routine.

We chat to the beauty guru about all things, beauty and self-care.

To celebrate the launch of Kora Organics new Berry Bright Vitamin C eye cream we caught up with founder of the certified organic skincare company, Miranda Kerr. 

The latest product added to the Kora Organics’ skin care line-up is a brightening and nutrient eye cream designed to support the graceful ageing process by boosting skin’s natural radiance and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area.

Enriched with 5.5% active blend of stabilised Vitamin C and natural sources of Vitamin C, this miracle cream contains Kangaroo Paw Flower, Kakadu Plum, Cloudberry, Red Ginseng, and Quinoa.

Berry Bright not only promises a youthful glow but also a gentle future carbon footprint. Packed sustainably, Kora’s new range is created using recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Miranda sat down with marie claire Australia to chat about all things, beauty and self-care.


marie claire: What is a beauty ritual you love?

Miranda: In the morning when I wake up, I like to dry body brush all over. I think it’s so good to get the circulation going before I jump in the shower.

MC: Cleansing skin is so important. What’s your beauty routine?

Miranda: I like to use our Milky Mushroom Cleanser in the shower, I love that you shake it to activate, and it has essential oils geranium, rose and basil in there which are all anti-anxiety. When you’re cleansing your skin, you’re feeling that relaxation effect.

Then after I do that, I use the turmeric brightening and exfoliating mask, it wakes you up with that peppermint aromatherapy, it’s just so invigorating and I just love the fact that it’s just like a facial in a tube. My husband likes to use it in his morning shower too. Then I use the body wash.

MC: How do you follow this up? 

Miranda: After my shower, I like to spray the Minty Mist all over my face, then use the Vitamin C Serum, the Turmeric Glow Moisturiser, Face Oil, Berry Bright Eye Cream then Eye Oil. Its super simple but really effective, if you make sure to maintain your routine you get really great results.

MC: If we were to look inside your bathroom cupboard, what would we find?

Miranda: I’m very organised, I like things to be in their place, I’m a little bit crazy like that. I have lots of Kora, I have the NuFace facial toning device, Dry Body Brush, a bamboo toothbrush and floss, Himalaya toothpaste, Klorane dry shampoo, Rahua shampoo and conditioner and the John Masters Organics shampoo.

MC: Do you have any favourite makeup products? 

Miranda: I have a lot of RMS, Ilia, a little bit of Merit, IT cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury and the Benefit give me brow and of course an eyelash curler.

MC: Kora is completely organic, yet the products work so well. Can you talk us through that?

Miranda: When creating Berry Bright, the chemist was talking to me about how this naturally derived peptide is a very powerful age defying ingredient which really helps with fine lines, puffiness and eye bags and I was like ‘I love it, let’s include it!’.  I’m always pushing the boundaries of wanting to find the powerful, effective ingredient. At the end of the day, it’s about having powerful products with really clinically active certified organics.


MC: You mention your new Berry Bright eye cream. What do you love about this new release?

Miranda: The Berry Bright eye cream really focuses on brightening and strengthening the eye area, it has that super high 5.5% active blend of stabilised vitamin C, which gives your eyes that brighter look at the same time while reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, eye bags and puffiness. I use it every morning and night, I just love it. It’s so moisturising and sits well underneath makeup too.

MC: what was your inspiration behind this eye cream?

Miranda: I was using the eye oil around my eyes and then I was using our moisturiser, and face oil. I thought if I’m layering a moisturiser and a face oil and getting such great results, I should be doing the same thing around my eye area right? So, when I spoke with our chemist about developing this Berry Bright Vitamin C eye cream, we made sure that we put ingredients in that worked synergistically with the other eye oil.

MC: How are you working it into your skincare routine?

Miranda: In the same way I do my face, I do my eye cream first and then my eye oil. Some people like to do it the other way around, but I personally enjoy it that way. This eye cream has Kakadu plum in it, it’s from Australia and is a super fruit, it is basically the world’s richest source of Vitamin C, so I thought why not pop that in there. It is also in our Vitamin C serum which gets incredible results for people with brightening their skin and pigmentation.

MC: So good that it’s Australian too…

Miranda: I love using ingredients that you can have internally and externally like the Kakadu plum. My mum was drinking Kakadu plum powder for many years, and she was always like ‘like here have some vitamin B’ and would give me the powder.

MC: Do you have any other ingredients that you love and that work on our skin?

Miranda: I love turmeric, whether it is in our turmeric moisturiser or the scrub, I have it almost every day even if it’s in a tea, I will grate some turmeric with a little bit of ginger, lemon and honey. It’s delicious, anti-inflammatory and good for you both internally as well as externally for brightening benefits. I just love ingredients that are aligned with the internal and external, the fact that our skin is the largest organ on our body, it just makes sense to me to treat it with as much care as what we do ingest.

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