Your New Morning Beauty Fix

Take your morning shower to the next level with the power of clay

Most of us can’t wake up without a morning shower. Everything comes to life when you step under that water, your senses sharpen and a new day begins. But how you shower and dry yourself can be the difference between soft, smooth skin and skin that’s been rushed and roughed-up, so here’s how you can make your morning splash a shower with benefits.

The Temperature Trap

As warming as a hot shower is, water that’s too hot can strip your skin of valuable moisture and leave it dry and irritated. Try to keep the water temperature under 40 degrees Celsius; that’s just a few degrees above body temperature. 

Go for Skin-Loving Products

Soap can be harsh on your skin, ditto anything that scrubs it, so stay away from products that are likely to dry your skin out. Look for products that are gentle but purifying and are designed to leave your skin soft and fresh.

The Power of Clay

NIVEA has released a new body wash that perfectly balances cleansing, freshness and skin care. With the power of natural kaolin clay, new NIVEA Shower Clay Fresh is a rich, luxurious body wash that gently purifies and cleanses your skin without drying it, to leave it gently fragranced, soft and purified. Kaolin clay is one of the mildest forms of clay and brings the purifying absorption benefits clay is famous for, lifting away impurities from your skin without drying, to leave it feeling soft and refreshed.

Find Your Fragrance

In three uplifting scents that are all quite different, you’ll find a fragrance to get you in a great mood for the day. Choose from Ginger & Basil (with a green, citrusy scent); Hibiscus & White Sage (with a fresh, floral fragrance) and Blue Agave & Lavender (a rich aromatic).

Is it a Shower Gel? Or a Shower Cream?

The texture of NIVEA Shower Clay Fresh is completely different to anything you’ve used before. It’s not a gel, it’s not a cream and it’s not soapy either, more of a rich, luxurious emulsion. It also looks as good as it feels, with a pearlescent sheen that makes it look luminous in your hand. It lathers up beautifully in your hand or on a puff, and rinses cleanly away without drying, leaving your skin smelling fresh and feeling soft.

Dry Without Drying

Finally, a tip on drying your skin. When you hop out of the shower, even when you’re in a rush, don’t rub your skin rapidly to dry it as this causes the surface of your skin to chafe and become dry and flaky. Instead, pat it dry with your towel and you’ll find your skin will stay smoother. Follow with your favourite NIVEA moisturiser and your skin will look and feel great all day.


Discover the gentle purifying power of kaolin clay in the shower every day with NIVEA Shower Clay Fresh.

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