Naomi Campbell’s In-Flight Travel Routine Is A Delight For The Senses

Better than ASMR

Iconic ’90s supermodel Naomi Campbell recently revealed her germ-busting inflight routine on her newly launched Youtube channel and fans are losing it over – what can only be described as – a brilliant piece of content. “I love travelling, I was born travelling.” Also “I love being in the air. I love being everywhere yet nowhere at the same time,” Naomi echos softly in her inimitable British brogue. 

While the vision of Naomi traipsing through duty-free and boarding the plane with more pomp and circumstance than any other human in history as ever mustered is truly a sight to behold. The piece truly takes off once she’s on board. “This is what I do on every plane I get on. I do not care what people think of me,” the possible Liam Payne smoocher affirms – who knew she was so zen? 

A frenzy of sterilization ensues and as a viewer, I feel oddly soothed by watching. Then, she pulls out a magenta pink seat cover for her chair, explaining that she changes the covers weekly and has them hand-washed at every hotel she goes to. Madeleine Aggele of The Cut declares this “better than ASMR” and we can’t help but agree. 

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

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