7 Natural Alternatives To Haircare

Give your hair the natural love and protection it deserves!

While our skincare and make-up regimes received a clean and green revamp some time ago, it’s taken a while for the haircare industry to catch up. The reason for the haircare lag is partly due to how difficult it is to create clean, active formulations that foam, cleanse and nourish our tresses all in one.

Sticking with tried-and-tested favourites will certainly get the job done, but at what cost to our health? Our scalps are an extremely absorbent part of our body, so taking the time to scrutinise the ingredients in our hair products could make all the difference. As a starting point, choose products that avoid using sulphates and parabens.

Here are seven top picks from Hairhouse that will deliver effective, salon-worthy hair results without the nasties.

Natural Shampoo

Juuce Ultra Repair Shampoo

Juuce Ultra Repair Shampoo, $28.95

Give your hair a thorough, rejuvenating cleanse from the inside out with this vegan-friendly, sulphate-, paraben- and cruelty-free formulation. The 100% Australian made and owned brand infuses native Aussie botanicals like Kakadu plum and desert lime into its formulations, delivering a shampoo that’s full of nourishing goodness.

Sensitive Hair Care

ORI Lab Calm Cleanse

ORI Lab Calm Cleanse, $39.95

If your sensitive scalp is showing all the telltale signs of stress and irritation, natural ingredients are a must. The vegan Calm Cleanse delivers a fragrance-free gentle wash. Vitamin E, calendula and sunflower oil will be the calming heroes your fragile locks need to return to their previous glory. 

1-Minute Hair Revamp

NAK Hair Ultimate Treatment 60 Second Repair

NAK Hair Ultimate Treatment 60 Second Repair, $32.95

Living up to the hype, NAK Hair’s Ultimate Treatment will give your hair the quickest restorative makeover it’s ever had. Nourishing argan oil and soothing aloe vera will replenish shine and strength in as little as 60 seconds – perfect for a night out or special occasion.

Hydration Mask

Pure Sacred Mask

Pure Sacred Mask, $38.95

For dry, stressed-out hair that’s in need of some serious TLC, Pure’s Sacred Mask will work all kinds of hydrating magic to restore moisture and strength to your strands. Its powerful combo of healing argan oil and nourishing shea butter will breathe new life into thirsty hair.

No More Brittle Ends

Davroe Ends Repair Leave-In Treatment

Davroe Ends Repair Leave-In Treatment, $25.95

No need to part with the best hot tools volumiser blow out brush in the business, when this little gem from Davroe eliminates flyaway strands and worn-out split ends. It pairs natural plant and hibiscus flower extracts to provide maximum protection for our hair.

Low Waste Packaging


KMS Moist Repair Solid Shampoo, $31.95

KMS is on a noble mission to decrease single-use plastics in haircare. The solid bar shampoo, with biodegradable paper packaging, delivers on that and so much more. Containing hydrating aloe vera that’s chock-full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it will leave your hair looking and feeling healthier without any of the guilt that comes with plastics.

Camera-Ready Silkiness

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again, $52.95

Bad hair days are a distant memory thanks to Smooth Again, which aims to tame and smooth unruly locks. It delivers all the effectiveness of a typical leave-in treatment without any of the nasty sulphates or parabens. You’ll be ready to conquer the world with silky hair guaranteed to create a stir. 

Visit Hairhouse for the top picks in natural and vegan-friendly hair care, to give you a salon-looking mane minus the guilt.

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