3 Tips People With Sensitive Skin Need To Know

Stick to these habits to keep your skin problem free

You want to reverse the damage, but applying too many actives can get skin out of sorts. “Skin sensitivity is a reflection of our lifestyle,” says dermatologist Dr Jacqueline Matulich, who recommends cutting bak on alcohol, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin A and fragrance if you’re experiencing a flare-up. Stick to these habits to keep your skin problem free:

1. Simplify

Yes, layer. But if your skin is out of whack, cut down on the number of products you’re applying “and avoid products which contain multiple actives,” advises Matulich.

2. Go hypo-allergenic 

Enlisting a low-irritant, fragrance- and preservative-free moisturiser will hydrate the skin and create “a temporary, protective barrier, allowing sensitised skin to repair,” says Matulich. 

3. Go soap free

Recruit a soap-free cleanser into your beauty routine to cut back on cleansing-related redness and dryness. Or skip water altogether and opt for a micellar.

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This article originally appeared in the April, 2018 issue of marie claire.

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