Powder Polishes And Acid Hybrids: The Latest Skincare Innovations To Know About

Science class is now in session

Gone are the days of cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Because while simplicity is great (in fact skin fasting is the only thing that works for some), the science behind some skincare products is just too impressive to resist.

And if textures, game-changing ingredients and pimped peptides make your excitement levels climb, we’ve got good news.

There’s a whole bunch of brand new skin innovations in town and we’re going to do our best to explain why they’re so great (without a science degree).

Lab coats at the ready.


A salicylic acid and retinol hybrid

Those savvy with the skincare ingredients will know that mixing two potent powerhouses like retinol and salicylic acid is a no-go… until now. Dermalogica had a dream and they did it. They’ve managed to safely bottle the benefits of both, into a soothing formula that won’t over-sensitise skin. So if you’ve always struggled to strike the right skincare balance between clearing breakouts and targeting the signs of ageing, you’ve now got your all-in-one.

Dermalogica Retinol Clearing Oil, $132 at

charlotte tilbury

Collagen-boosting peptides

The cult product that is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream was going to be hard to beat, but the impressive matrix of ingredients found in the new serum may just do it. One of its heroes, REPLEXIUM®, is actually a duo of of skin-boosting peptide blends, that work on two collagen pathways (still with us?) to plump the skin. This means the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is being targeted both at the epidermis and epidermis junction level for a two-pronged attack. Put simply: see you later, signs of ageing.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, $100 at

sand and sky

A new way to exfoliate

Sand & Sky already broke the internet once with their pore-reducing pink clay mask, and now they’ve done it again with a powder of the same colour. Bringing the fantastic benefits of fruit enzymes to the front, the exfoliating powder is packed with vitamin C from Australian glow berries, and gentle AHAs courtesy of quandong and Davidson plum. Just add water, lather, and away you go.

Sand & Sky Australian Emu Apple Enzyme Powder Polish, $72.90 at


Mushroom as a super skin ingredient

Mushroom skincare is a thing. The funghi is full of vitamin D and antiviral properties, making it excellent for boosting your skin cell’s immunity. Different mushrooms do have different benefits, however, and Origin’s serum bottles four different types. The blend defends against the signs of ageing, while calming redness and soothing sensitive skin.

Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Advanced Face Serum, $91 at


Hemp oil blends

The use of full spectrum CBD oil is only legalised under certain circumstances in Australia (eg. for medical reasons). But, we are able to take full advantage of hemp oil, which is derived from cold-pressed hemp seeds. The result is a soothing and calming ingredient that helps to reduce redness. This one from Kiehl’s smells as green as it looks, and will help to repair a compromised skin barrier, which is a common cause of sensitivity.

Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate, $69 at

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