Nicole Trunifo Shares Her Pared-Back Beauty Routine

Find out the beauty hacks that make this Aussie supermodel and mother her feel more like "her"

Supermodel and mother-of-three Nicole Trunifo likes to keep her beauty routine simple. And who could blame her with a 10-month-old baby daughter and two small children to run around after? marie claire quizzes the beautiful L’Oreal Paris ambassador about her love for essential oils, the cult perfume she created, and how she stays so fresh-faced. 

Do you have a signature fragrance?

I love pure and therapeutic-grade geranium essential oil as fragrance. To me, it represents love and trust, it smells divine and I feel lifts my vibration. I also have a fragrance of my own that I did in collaboration with LUMIRA, it’s called the VOW, with rose and sweet tobaccoit’s insane, we have lots of die-hard fans for the scent. It’s modelled off the candle I made for all of my guests at my wedding, and represents the vow of love, whether that be the one for yourself or the one you share with others.

Who are the makeup artists, hair stylists and beauty experts you have on speed dial? 

In Australia, the people in the beauty and fashion industry are like my family, I miss them so much! They are all on speed dial, it just depends who’s available because they are so in demand.

What does your skincare routine look like?

It’s simpler than ever, with a busy schedule balancing my businesses and family, but more effective and rejuvenating than ever. I also love to see a dermatologist and facialist for and extra opinion, they keep my up to date with the best products and treatments!

Do you enjoy taking the time to do your makeup every day, or do you prefer a more minimal routine?

I do actually, it makes me feel more “me”, if that makes sense.  I feel more pulled together and confident, like I can truly take on the day. I find makeup empowering.

Are there particular ingredients, formulas or finishes you look for in your makeup staples?

At the moment I am looking for hyaluronic acid, which True Match foundation by L’Oréal Paris has as its key ingredient in the formula. It’s very hydrating, you can notice the difference right away, and it improves you skin appearance within 2 weeks. 

L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation

If you could only have five products in your makeup bag, what would they be?

An eyebrow kit, lipstick, foundation, mascara and bronzer.

What do you do to unwind?

I take a steam shower or a bath.

Do you have a self-care ritual?

It’s more of a nightly prep for bed. This is when I like to treat my skin, so I can wake up with a good foundation for makeup and a beautiful glow for the day!

Are there any products or treatments you like to treat yourself with?

I love a great facial and I always look for beauty products with caring ingredients. I like to mix affordable beauty with high-end luxury.

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