A New Documentary Takes Us On A Global Journey With Dior’s Perfume Creator

This "smell-good" film peeks inside the secrecy and artisanship of fine fragrance

Behind every off-the-cuff “you smell great”, there’s years of creativity, innovation and care that goes unnoticed in each spritz of fragrance. Whether it’s the romance of roses, the nostalgia of white summer florals or comfort of a familiar cologne, the aspirational campaigns and ornate bottles conceal the expertise and secrecy of the world’s most recognizable eau de parfums.

“We persist in trying to explain it, describe it and dissect it, but it is never completely defined,” says Dior’s Perfumer, François Demachy, on the intricacies of fragrance. “I believe that a scent is like love – you can’t explain it,” he muses.

In new their documentary, directors Clément Beauvais and Arthur de Kersauson open the doors to Demachy’s work, sharing creative process of the man behind scents like J’Adore, JOY, Miss Dior and the Maison Christian Dior collection of fine fragrances.

Travelling from Dior’s maison in Grasse, we follow Demachy as he finds inspiration across the globe and meets the artisans behind his ingredients. As the film reveals the artisanship of sourcing the ingredients that shape his fragrances, Demachy explains: “I consider that a Grasse jasmine or a Calabrian bergamot will always provide the rare nuances and the incomparable colours that I seek above all, in order to set Dior perfumes apart.”

At a time when we’re craving escapism, Dior makes ‘smellovision’ a reality. Available at boutiques and, an ‘Odorama’ gift brings the essence of Grasse’s rose-filled fields, the Calabrian coastline and Demachy’s maison couchside, with seven fragrance samples to complement the film. 

“Nose” is available to stream on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video now.

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