Not ready for the “no-make-up make-up” trend? This is the next best thing.

How to achieve, beautiful natural colour

It’s a look that’s been edging its way onto catwalks for years – the “no-make-up make-up” trend. Balmain did it in 2014 with fresh-faced models wearing just a hint of concealer; then Marc Jacobs followed in 2015 with a completely bare look. By spring/summer 2016, it was a full-blown trend, with everyone from Isabel Marant to Gucci jumping on the no-make-up train – and the fall shows even continued the theme.

So, after years of contouring, non-touring and strobing our faces into Kardashian-like submission, unique, natural beauty is now being celebrated.

Which is great, of course, but what about us mere mortals who haven’t been #blessed with the flawless skin of a 20-something model?

The good news is that you can still achieve a totally natural look that amplifies your features, with a little help from make-up.

Skin is in

When going natural, clear and luminous skin is a must. To keep skin in shape, stick to a regular routine of twice-daily cleansing, followed by targeted treatment serum, a quality hydrating moisturiser (day and night), and exfoliation at least two times a week. 

About that base

Start your look with an illuminating primer to add a subtle glow to your base. Then, choose your coverage. Mineral foundation powders like endota spa’s Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15, $55, are a great choice as they are buffed into the skin, for sheer, luminous – and lightweight – coverage.

Plus, because mineral makeup contains zinc and titanium dioxide, they also double as a physical sunscreen. Just dab onto a kabuki brush, tap off the excess powder, and gently buff into the skin in circular motions.

Bold brows

Defined brows are key essential to this look. You want to add depth, without looking too “done”. Use a product like endota spa Instant Brows, $32, which will not only define, but it also contains fibres to make brows appear thicker. Concentrate on the arches (where most colour is) and skip the pencil to keep it fresh.


Royal flush

When it comes to blush, the key is to mimic your actual flush (the kind you’d get from gentle exercise). Cream and gel formulations like the endota spa Natural Lip and Cheek Tint, $38, will appear most natural, plus endota spa’s formula also contains hyaluronic acid which is super-nourishing for added skincare benefits. Apply with your fingers directly to the apples of the cheeks, dabbing outwards. And, as a bonus, you can apply the excess to your lips for a sheer colour glow.

The eyes have it

Just like the brows, the eye look is all about subtle definition. Curling your lashes will give an instant “wide awake” look, and those with darker lashes can even skip mascara all together. If you’re after more definition (or just can’t bear a sans-mascara life) opt for a clear or brown tinted variant that will keep the look as natural as possible.

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