4 Powerful Beauty Duos That Prove The Best Things Come In Pairs

Sometimes, two is better than one.

With 30.8 billion views on TikTok, it’s no secret that the beauty world loves a #makeuphack.

Whether it’s a guide to applying blush to change your face shape, or the tricks to drawing that perfect cat-eye wing, beauty lovers love a bit of a shortcut.

The latest obsession? Unlikely beauty and makeup duos that prove the best things really do come in pairs. It’s all about pairing together products to create powerful (and often, timesaving) results.

Here, our favourites from the latest beauty duos taking the makeup world by storm.

1. Lifted Lashes

Just like highlights in hair can add dimension to strands, using the same technique on eyelashes can enhance eye colour, warm up skin tone, and even make lashes look thicker and more lifted.

Enter: “lash highlights”.

While some choose to add in highlights during extension appointments by applying a few extra extensions in a lighter shade than the rest, the look can be achieved at home with a combination of jet-black mascara and lighter-coloured liner.

Simply apply two coats of mascara, then use a smaller brush to “paint” the tips of the lashes with a liner of a slightly lighter, more light-catching shade, like bronze for sun-kissed lashes with added dimension. 

2. The Super Serums

An essential part of any skincare routine, a serum is a sure-fire way to give skin an extra hit of active ingredients. Given our skin needs change throughout the day and throughout the year, sometimes, two is better than one when it comes to serums.

It’s why Clarins have launched a new lightweight version of their iconic Double Serum: Double Serum Light Texture.

Clarins Double Serum Light Texture
Clarins Double Serum Light Texture, 50mL, $170. (Credit: Supplied)

The new, quickly absorbed texture leaves no oily film and is perfect for all genders and skin types, especially those who live in warm or humid climates. It has all the expertise and power of the iconic Double Serum (like the double formula composed of the same 21 plant extracts with proven anti-ageing effectiveness), in a lightweight texture.

The “golden ratio” of Double Serum Light Texture matches that of the skin’s hydrolipidic film. The powerful age-control ingredients that are normally incompatible in a single bottle (those soluble in water and those soluble in oil) are only combined at the moment of application, fusing together like a “second skin” with exceptional plant benefits.

So how do these serums work together? Use Double Serum Light Texture during the day under makeup for a bare skin finish and use Double Serum at night for radiant skin. Or switch to the lightweight formula in hot or humid weather for skin that is smoothed, firmed and regenerated all year round.

3. The Perfect Glow

For a filter-free finish with the perfect amount of added radiance, try combining a slightly tinted lip gloss with bronzing powder.

Simply blend on the back of your hand, then use a synthetic blush brush to apply the moisturising and tickled-pink shimmer to where you would normally use highlighter, like the forehead, cheeks and chin.

The result? A touch of golden-pink colour that eliminates the need for three separate products (blush, bronzer and highlighter).

makeup hacks lip tint bronzer blush
Combine a pink lip tint with bronzing powder for a subtle yet shimmering glow. (Credit: @lilly_keys)

4. Green With (Perfect Skin) Envy

An age-old application of colour theory, covering a spot or blemish with a touch of green can help neutralise redness and balance out skin tone.

However, you don’t need to stock up on a pot of green concealer to take advantage of this colour-correcting trick. Simply target the spot with a soft green eyeliner (a hot makeup trend right now and a favourite of the likes of Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa) before hiding the pigment with a dab of your regular, everyday concealer.

Blemish, begone!

Brought to you by Clarins.

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