Princess Diana’s Most Rebellious Beauty Moments

Kate would never

Not only was Princess Diana a true fashion icon, but her beauty looks were just as influential as Kate’s blow dries and Meghan’s updos are today.

But unlike her son’s wives, the people’s princess often played by her own rules, injecting colour and fun, rather than sticking to the natural and understated makeup the modern royals have since mastered. 

Rumour has it there are even certain beauty protocols the family abides by. But Diana never really was one for rules…

Blue eyeliner

princess diana blue eyeliner

Blue eyeliner was Diana’s signature look throughout the ‘80s, with the Princess precisely applying it to her waterline. The shade ranged from a more understated navy (for commemoration services) to bright aqua (to meet the King of Thailand) and features heavily throughout her most iconic looks.

Lip gloss

princess diana lip gloss

We may have seen Kate pull out a sheer lip product at Wimbledon, but supposedly lip gloss is a royal no-no, presumably because hair can get easily stuck to it. Having a pixie cut, this wasn’t a problem for Diana, who was often seen wearing a high shine lip.

Choker headbands

princess diana choker headband

Hats and tiaras are quite typical for the royal family, but wearing a piece of royal jewellery as a hair accessory was something only Diana could do. This particular sapphire choker was a wedding present from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and was worn multiple times by the Princess, both around her neck and head.

Red nails

princess diana red nails

It’s well known the Queen’s favourite nail polish shade is Essie’s Ballet Slippers; a sheer, nude-pink that’s as classic as they come. So it’s no real surprise that neutral manicures are the norm in the royal family. However, Diana was partial to a pop of red every now and then, with daughter-in-law Meghan also rebelliously wearing black during her surprise appearance at the British Council’s Fashion Awards.

Bronzed and beachy

princess diana bronzer

In keeping with the ‘natural’ theme, all contouring and bronzing of the royals these days is subtle rather than ‘sunkissed’ And while skin is very in right now, Diana preferred her face post-holiday fresh.

Bold lip colour

princess diana red lip

If Kate Middleton stepped out in a bold red lip tomorrow, we’d have to be revived. Diana, however, wore this punchy reddy-pink in 1991, to match the fuschia and red lace gown she was wearing for an outing in London.

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