Aussie Actress Rachael Taylor Spills The Surprising Secret To Her Glowing Skin

Bonus: you can buy it at Woollies

It’s no wonder Hollywood is so enamoured with Australians – talent and tenacity aside, they all have one thing in common: radiant skin.

Tasmanian-born Rachael Taylor is no exception. So when we were offered the chance to quiz her on exactly what goes in to getting her all-seasons glow, we jumped.

Unsurprisingly, Taylor’s approach to skincare is as no-nonsense as she is. From natural wonders to budget-friendly supermarket buys, she looks to scientifically proven formulas and simple formulations to nourish and protect her skin.

“I swear by organic cold-pressed avocado oil or coconut oil as a body and hair treatment,” she tells us. “You just can’t beat it!” Excuse us while we add to our online Woolworths order.

As a Neutrogena brand ambassador, Taylor is loving their new Hydro Boost cleanser range. “I’ve been a fan of hyaluronic acid in skincare for a while, and both cleansers contain it,” she says. “The gel is a refreshing wash-off formula and is perfect for my morning routine before I layer on loads of make-up, and I love to use the gelee milk at night as it has a beautiful creamy texture and really wipes everything away at the end of the day.”

“Not only do these cleansers actually work, but they don’t come with an unnecessary price tag, which is a pet hate of mine,” she adds.

Neutrogena hydro boost cleanser
(Credit: Neutrogena)

Daily SPF50 is another skincare essential of the actress’s, as is a healthy diet. “I try to eat organic where possible and would definitely say crisp veggies and fresh fruit are daily staples in my diet,” she shares. “I don’t restrict myself of any food group, but as I’ve got older I definitely am more in tune with what makes me feel best.”

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