The Real Reasons For Hair Loss

Think thinning hair is a man's world? Think again.

Trichologist Peter Elchaar says more than three-quarters of his patients are women. Here are some reasons for the fallout. 


“When the body is under a lot of stress, it can trigger health issues, and the first thing to give up is the hair,” says Elchaar. “If you are going through stress and two or three hairs are falling out at once, something’s not right.”


“If you don’t eat right and you don’t sleep right, you’re going to have issues,” says Elchaar. “A good diet with good fats and good proteins creates a better foundation for your health.”


“A change in hormone levels or [pregnancy] can have an effect on hair loss,” says Elchaar. “Oestrogen and testosterone give you strength in the follicle; the more testosterone you have, the more hair.”

The way in which we thin is different between men and women. “Men thin at the front and the crown,” says Miriam Welsh from Phyto. “For women, it’s more evenly distributed and less targeted.”

Too-Tight Hair Styles

“If you are typically pulling your hair back in a tight bun, your hairline can fatigue,” explains Elchaar. “This can be associated with hair loss around the hairline.” 


It’s time to rest your belief that playing with your hair is an alluring trait. “When someone twists their own hair, they’re pulling that follicle quite hard,” says Elchaar. “It’s almost like weeding the garden.”

Fake It

A powder or mousse will give hair instant body. Try: Eleven Australia Dry Powder Volume Paste; O&M Rootalicious Root Lift Mousse

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