I Tried The Brow Expert Jesinta Campbell, Elle Ferguson and Roxy Jacenko All Love


Ever since Cara Delevingne walked her first runway, brows have become as crucial a part of a woman’s beauty regimen as lashes, lips and lids. We’re now well-versed in the powers of brow powder, wax and pencils, have learnt (the hard way) to exercise caution with tweezers and many of us have even turned to micro-blading in pursuit of perfect arches.

Enter: Kristin Fisher. With 12 years’ experience under her belt, she’s Sydney’s bona fide brow queen: famed for her deft hand, eye for detail and celebrity clientele.

Fisher caters to the influencer crowd, with high profile clients including Jesinta Campbell, Elle Ferguson, Brooke Testoni, Pip Edwards and Roxy Jacenko (they’re just the ones she can name), but Fisher herself is the best advertisement for her brand: she has the strongest brows I’ve ever seen (even Cara would be jealous).

What makes her so sought-after? You’ll know as soon as you take a seat in her sunlit Double Bay studio. There’s no need to say a word about what you want: simply leave it to Fisher to analyse your face shape and colouring, and work her magic from there.

Even though I naturally have very dark brows, Fisher suggested I tint them – an idea I baulked at initially. But lo and behold, the result was the best I’ve ever had from a brow wax – the tint picked up on tiny baby hairs around my main brow, giving a more defined and somehow neater end result.

A brow shape and tint takes around half an hour as Fisher painstakingly perfects her work – waxing a tiny bit more here, tweezing a touch there – without ever taking too much off. Tellingly, her clients don’t all look the same – you’ll get brows that suit your face shape and natural look, rather than a cookie cutter Instagram approach (thank goodness).

While I stuck to a brow shape and tint, Fisher also specialises in feather touch tattooing – for which she’s currently booked out until August.  

I may not look like Jesinta Campbell (or Cara), but my brows are without a doubt the best they’ve ever been.

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