Incorporating Rosewater Into Your Hair Routine? Here Are The Changes You’ll See

Hydrating haircare hero.

Rosewater has been used as a natural skincare treatment for centuries; its regenerative powers harnessed and used to hydrate and restore dry complexions.

Now, innovative haircare brands are bottling rosewater to service dry hair. Rather than clutter consumers’ haircare regimens with an extensive list of treatments and tonics, brands are utilising rosewater’s natural benefits to create simple but deeply conditioning remedies for beautiful hair. The perfect match for split ends and damaged hair.

Here, five benefits of incorporating rosewater into your regimen.


Rosewater has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to calm the skin, making it a popular choice for those who suffer from skin conditions such as acne or rosacea and are seeking natural treatments. When used in the hair, its calming benefits may be beneficial for certain scalp conditions, including psoriasis and eczema.

Rosewater is also a mild astringent (chemical that shrinks or constricts body tissues), which may help to reduce oiliness and dandruff.


Rosewater has a mildly acidic pH level, which, when applied to hair, helps to replenish dry lengths. When hair is exposed to an acidic environment, the cuticle constricts which promotes improved moisture retention.

In Australia three in 10 women fear that regular washing will strip the hair, leaving it weak, dull and dry. To prevent hair from drying out, look to shampoos that contain rosewater.

The new Pantene Pro-V Blends Rosewater Shampoo combines extracts of the hydrating Rosa Gallica plant with the power of Pantene’s legendary Pro-Vitamin B5. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and free from silicones, parabens and dyes that can contribute to dry hair, the formula contains micelles that detox your scalp, with scientifically designed ‘micro-magnets’ attracting metal impurities from the hair’s core.

Pantene Pro-V Blends Rosewater Shampoo and Conditioner, $12.99 each at Priceline


Frizz is most often the result of damaged hair. Dry and porous hair soaks up moisture in the air, causing the hair shaft to swell and kink. In order to control frizz, hair needs to be hydrated and healthy.

As a natural ingredient free from silicones and alcohol, rosewater’s restorative properties help to enrich hair fibres. Its powerful nutritional and fortifying properties boost and strengthen the hair’s moisture barrier, leaving hair smooth and frizz-free.

Rosewater hair treatments can also help to combat split ends caused by weathering and damage. While there’s no way to rectify split ends, rosewater’s reparative benefits will help to prevent further breakages.


In recent years, hair mist perfumes have become one of luxury beauty’s most buzzed about new products. However, many are fuelled by alcohols which dry out and damage hair cuticles.

When used as a hair spritz or as an ingredient within shampoos, rosewater emits its delicate scent while providing added conditioning.


Super-sleek, healthy-looking hair starts with shine. However, daily aggressors (pollution, UV, heat styling) can leave hair looking dull and feeling desert-dry.

Doubling as a shine-enhancer and strand-strengthening antibacterial agent, rosewater’s extra-fine texture affords hair a glossy sheen without weighing hair down.

Consisting of significant concentrations of vitamins B5 and B3, rosewater smooths raised cuticles for fast shine (flatter surfaces are most reflective) without leaving behind residue.

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