Ryan Reynolds Steals Blake Lively’s Beauty Products

You won't believe his reasoning

Ryan Reynolds recently spilled the secrets behind his daily skincare regimen and his revelations are unexpected, to say the least. While the new face of Armani Code Absolu might be married to beauty icon Blake Lively, he doesn’t share her fastidious approach to grooming. 

“Your readers are going to tune right out when they hear from me — I don’t have a skincare routine,” Reynolds told InStyle. A pretty surprising fact considering Ryan is a Hollywood actor who isn’t a stranger to spending hours in the make-up chair.

More so considering we live in a world where celebrities have access to $1,000 24-karat gold facials and launch their own skincare collaborations (here’s looking at you, David Beckham). 

“I don’t really use much unless it’s like a bone-dry, freezing New York Day, I’ll put something on,” the 42-year-old confessed. 

“My wife catches me because it’s often a body moisturizer. I’m using the wrong thing for the wrong body part,” he said.

Blake Ryan

Ryan and Blake, who have two daughters together James and Ines, have a pretty special bond and are often embroiled in some sort of Instagram trolling exchange. He famously cut out Lively’s face in a post dedicated to her birthday, among other hilarious comment exchanges.

While he might be completely out of touch in the beauty world – he’s pretty clued-in when it comes to Instagram explaining that he’s wary of his daughters growing up and having “finsta” accounts (that’s fake Instagram accounts.)  

“I have nieces and nephews, and I follow some of them,” he said. “I realize that they don’t post that much, and that’s because I realised they have f-cking fake accounts somewhere,” he says. 

“I’m looking at the one that their parents are looking at. You know, it’s a mental note I’m making for when my children grow up and say, ‘I want an Instagram account.’ I’m going to make sure there’s only one.”

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