3 Beauty Trends That Aren’t Going Anywhere

According to Lady Gaga’s makeup artist

Lady Gaga is the queen of costume, alter-egos and striking hair and makeup looks. The latter of which comes from a collaboration with her long-standing glam squad and BFFs, makeup artist Sarah Tanno and hairstylist Freddie Aspiras.

And while Gaga herself has recently opted for more subdued makeup looks on red carpets (minus that Met Gala moment), Tanno’s talent and trend-spotting abilities remain second to none.

During a webinar where Tanno talked about her love for the new Marc Jacobs Beauty At Lash’d Lengthening and Curling Mascara ($41, – apparently if you’re a fan of Velvet Noir, you’re going to fall hard), the makeup artist was asked to name what she foresees as the biggest beauty trends.

Not one to disappoint, Tanno shared three:

1. Glass skin

Skin that looks like skin is in, and the trend isn’t about to go anywhere according to Tanno. It’s all about using your skin care, minimal base products and the right highlighter (“I don’t like the highlighter that’s you know, just for Instagram”) to enhance a healthy glow. Full coverage has officially taken a back seat.

2. Graphic eyes

Lady Gaga is no stranger to a graphic eye or big black wing, but Tanno says this trend has taken a new turn with the injection of colour. “You know, I’m finding myself doing my classic wing, but with a blue or a green.” She predicts this play of different pigments will only become more prominent as people step out in masks, leaving the eyes as the main event on show.

3. Lip oils

After raving about Marc Jacobs (Re)Cover Hydrating Lip Oil, Tanno says she’s seen a few lip oils around but is predicting the category to blow up even further, as the hydrating formulas provide comfort without the tackiness of a gloss.


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