Scandi Girl Blonde Is The Only Hair Update Everyone Wants Right Now

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When it comes to autumn/winter hair trends, lowlights have long been our favoruite way to warm up our complexions as the temperature goes down. Yet this season’s coolest trend is complete 180 degrees turn from the traditional. Nordic white blonde tresses – surging in popularity by 60% -is coolest colour trend of the year is taking cues from the style set du jour the Scandi girl.

Scandinavian sensibility is having a moment right now. Fashion designers such as Ganni and ACNE studios are taking Scandi street style to new heights while beauty brands including Verso and Lumene are revolutionising minimalist care.

Enter Scandi blonde or Nordic white hair. Technically speaking, platinum is the lightest shade in the hair colour spectrum but it’s a common misconception that there is only one shade of white. From creamy opal whites to violet-ish platinum, this is a grown-up version designed to turned heads. Just ask Kim Kardashian–this dramatic look will garner attention. Emma Stone and Hailey Baldwin have also sported Scandi girl locks.


How to find the right shade for skin tone:

This colour is amazing on someone with cool undertones in their complexion, while those with warmer complexions might feel washed out and need more make-up to look “done.”

Scandi hair is not just for fair complexions. Take the toasted coconut trend, which is commonly used describe tresses with dark brown roots that subtly fade into a light platinum blonde colour through the mid-lengths and ends. A variation on last season’s bronde trend, toasted coconut is the 2019 way to melt brown and blonde shades together. Perfect for brunettes looking to transition to the lighter side without damaging their hair quality.  


Ready to take the plunge?

We suggest seeking out the help of a professional hairstylist. Not only will they do the job right, but they will also be able to incorporate iridescent shades of violet and champagne for an overall finish that is bright and fresh.

Aftercare is vital. Invest in a salon-quality purple shampoo and conditioner plus a nourishing hair mask to restore moisture to chemically treated strands.

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