Are You Using The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type?

The wrong one could be making things worse

When it comes to hair care there is no perfect one-size fits all solution. Not only is your hair unique to you, but the things we do to our hair over our lifetime can also have an impact on what hair needs to look and feel its best.

If you’re frequently experiencing dullness, frizz, or excess oil in your hair there is a very good chance you’re not using the shampoo that properly suits what your hair needs. Far from being just ineffective, it can actually make unruly hair symptoms worse, which is why Schwarzkopf Professional have taken customised hair care to the extreme with their Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure* range. 

There’s nothing your hair has been through that the BC Bonacure range can’t address, and once you match your hair to your perfect BC BC Bonacure shampoo you can say goodbye to mismatched hair care woes forever. With the help of Schwarzkopf Professional experts we’ve paired some of the more common hair challenges with their perfect BC Bonacure counterpart to properly suit your hair’s unique needs.

I’d love to help my fine hair have more body and volume

It can be a challenge to keep fine hair looking full and luscious because even a little oil can weigh it down and make it look limp. Collagen Volume Boost Micellar Shampoo gently removes excess oils and residues, and delivers a generous helping of thickeners, making hair feel fuller for up to 3 days.

My thick curls are gorgeous but I’m fighting the frizz every day

When thick wavy and curly hair behaves it’s a beautiful thing – but more often than not it’s a battle against time (and humidity) to tame those tresses. Keratin Smooth Perfect Micellar Shampoo instantly improves the manageability of hair and delivers long-lasting frizz control. By using this protective and hydrating shampoo, detangling time can be cut by up to 70% so you can spend less time wrestling your ringlets.

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My hair is weak and brittle from all the treatments I’ve done – I want to rescue it!

If your hair has taken a beating from regular chemical treatments it can become so damaged it loses all elasticity, feels unmanageable and is prone to breaking. Peptide Repair Rescue Micellar Shampoo is the first step in the Peptide Repair Rescue Micellar range designed to repair three years of damage. With the very first application it delivers nourishing peptides that don’t just smooth over the hair, but repair it from the inside out, while gently cleansing without drying. 

I love my naturally silver hair but I don’t want it to get dry, limp and brittle

As we age we naturally produce less keratin – which makes up 95% of hair. Mature hair, as a result, tends to be lower in keratin and can become weak and brittle. The intensely nourishing and hydrating Q10 Time Restore Micellar Shampoo infuses dull and lifeless hair with renewed elasticity, stimulating keratin production, and boosting natural shine.

Schwarzkopf bonacure BC hyaluronic acid shampoo conditioner treatment
Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick collection.

My waves are pretty well-behaved but tends to dry out

Curly and wavy hair tends to be more porous than straight hair and prone to dryness. Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Micellar Shampoo is a silicone-free formula that gently cleanses the hair and scalp while also adding extra moisture to create manageable waves and prevent dehydration.  

I dye my hair a lot and I love my colour – I want to keep it this fresh for as long as I can!

The more we process our hair, the more likely it is to become porous and start reacting to colours in interesting ways. Particularly when lightening natural hair colour, this can create an unwanted brassy tone or a dull white. PH 4.5 Color Freeze Silver Micellar Shampoo gently washes hair while depositing a subtle blue-violet dye to help nourish hair and gradually correct unwanted colour direction. By correcting the PH of your hair to 4.5, hair is strengthened and sealed, which also helps to prevent colour fade.

*Available at selected hair salons and professional hair care retailers

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