Should you get facial cupping? Kim Kardashian does

We can’t say we’re not curious…

When Michael Phelps shed his Team USA tracksuit to reveal a series of bruises down his back at the Rio Olympics, cupping – a form of physical therapy said to alleviate muscle tension – went mainstream.

But facial cupping takes things one step further. And needless to say, Kim Kardashian – she of vampire facial fame – wasn’t afraid to try it.

Kimmy K snapchatted her face cupping facial over the weekend, which she had performed by LA-based celebrity skincare expert Nurse Jamie.

Given the mass confusion that ensued, E! News asked Nurse Jamie (who, for the record, actually is a registered nurse and also works with Jessica Alba and Guiliana Ranci, above) to demystify the procedure.

“The cupping facial encourages blood flow to the tissue and stimulates the lymphatic system to help reduce inflammation, which in turn smooths fine lines and wrinkles,” Nurse Jamie explains.

Unlike body cupping, face cupping doesn’t leave tell-tale bruises on the skin. “It kind of feels like a cat licking you,” according to Nurse Jamie, and “leads to plumper, fuller skin.”

Whatever your stance on Kim Kardashian, the quality of her skin cannot be denied. But whether that’s down to vampire facials, cupping, good genes or something else entirely, we may never know.

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