Spray On Nail Polish Is A Thing Now. And We’ve Tried It

Is this the lazy girl’s ultimate at-home manicure?
Courtesy of Nails Inc.

This is not a drill: Nails Inc. have released Paint Can Spray-On Nail Polish, which promises perfectly polished nails using – you guessed it – a spray can.

When the British cosmetics brand announced their newest product late last year, it sent the beauty world into a frenzy. They claimed to have created, “a manicure [that] no longer requires precision” and an application “as quick and easy to apply as perfume.”

But is it too good to be true? We put it to the test.

Step 1. Apply base coat.


Step 2. Spray it on your nails from a distance of approximately 20cm, without worrying about coating the skin surrounding your nails.


Step 3. Wash polish off surrounding skin using soap and water.

(Don’t) wait…

Step 3. Apply top coat.

Ta da – perfectly manicured nails!

Our verdict: There’s no disputing that the application is easy. Within the space of 7 minutes our nails went from plain to polished, using minimal effort.

The downside? Well, it’s not the longest lasting nail polish we’ve ever used. While they promise four days of wear, our nails started to chip after just one day. You could probably push the boat out to two or three days if you avoid opening car doors, cleaning your house and gardening.

But hey, if you’re running late and need your nails painted STAT, this product has your back.

Paint Can Spray-On Nail Polish is now available at David Jones and Sephora in four colours: West End, Porchester Square, Mayfair Lane and Mayfair Market Mews for $33 per can or from Style Patisserie.

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