Is spring messing with your skin?

Soothe upset skin and restore balance and radiance for summer

Spring has sprung, you can feel it in the air. If you’re among the 56 per cent+ of Australian women who claim to have sensitive skin, you might also feel it in your skin, where seasonal allergies commonly make their presence known. The result can be tightness, irritation and itching that’s not just uncomfortable, but can make skin red, flaky and bumpy, too. And you’re not alone, with three out of four women worldwide saying their skin is the most obvious place for their allergies to appear*.  

You have sensitive skin… but which kind?

How can you tell? First of all, it’s important to figure out whether your skin is sensitive or allergic. There’s a whole spectrum of sensitivity, so knowing which type of sensitive skin you have (and what’s setting it off) is the first step to soothing your skin and finding a routine that works for you. So, if your skin is:

  • Sensitive – it occasionally reacts to products or environmental changes.
  • Redness-prone – it blushes and flushes in response to certain foods, alcohol or temperature changes.
  • Reactive – it frequently reacts to both products and environmental factors.
  • Atopic – your skin suffers from conditions like eczema or contact dermatitis.
  • Allergic – skin reacts to specific allergens in daily care products and the environment.

What causes skin to become sensitive or allergic?

There are two main culprits to blame for skin becoming sensitive or allergic. Environmental changes in temperature or humidity can bring on intense discomfort, as can sun exposure, pollution and even pollen exposure. Plus, some skincare products can cause skin upsets, as some contain potential irritants, like fragrances, colourants or alcohol.

What can you do?

Experts agree that regardless of sensitivity or allergy, the key to caring for upset skin is, not surprisingly, to treat it gently. Don’t stop your regular cleansing and moisturising routine but be careful not to rub or scrub skin and scale back your exfoliation routine to once a week. Opt for products that are designed for sensitive skin and look for dermatologist tested products containing active soothing ingredients that reduce discomfort.

According to Australian dermatologist Dr Cara McDonald, a simplified skincare routine is the place to start.  “When I see a patient with allergic skin, the first thing I recommend is to stop all products and introduce a basic skincare routine that’s unlikely to cause further problems,” she says. “I tend to use the La Roche-Posay Toleriane range. It’s specifically formulated for allergic skin, so patients tolerate it very well, even if their skin is highly sensitive.”   

Go for Ultra Minimalist

A minimalist-formula daily moisturiser should form the basis of your simplified skincare routine. Soothing Toleriane Ultra moisturiser is a long-lasting, hydrating formula specifically formulated for sensitive, allergy-prone skin, and is especially beneficial during the allergy season.  It’s clinically proven to actively soothe sensitive skin and help reduce irritation while restoring both immediate and long-term skin comfort with active ingredients including:

  • NeurosensineTM to help provide soothing relief to irritated skin
  • La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, naturally rich in selenium to soothe and help reduce redness
  • Shea butter to restore the skin’s barrier function
  • Glycerin to hydrate the skin
  • Also available in Ultra Light for combination to oily skin.

Designed to create a better life for ultra-sensitive, reactive or allergic skin, the Toleriane Ultra range helps reduce cutaneous reactivity. The minimalist formula is housed in latest generation hermetic packaging to ensure purity with every application.

The Toleriane Ultra range also includes a nourishing night cream and an eye contour cream to soothe the skin in the eye contour area, instantly relieve itching, soothe discomfort and puffiness, and calm irritation.

Discover the entire Toleriane range of skincare and cosmetics in pharmacies and online, including the lightweight, full coverage Toleriane foundation in six shades, plus the gentle allergy tested pH balanced thickening mascara. Your sensitive skin will thank you for it.


 + References 1. Medscape (2013) Sensitive Skin. Expert Rev Dermatol; 8(6):631-637.

 * Epidemiological study on 3500 women in 4 countries, 2010.

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