These Are The Premium Nail Trends Set To Reign Supreme In Spring/Summer 2020

Celebrity manicurist Jocelyn Petroni weighs in on everything from shapes to shades

Time has moved extremely uniquely this year; every day in March felt like a month, and yet the entire month of July has flown by in what feels like a day.

However you slice it, though, one thing is true: we’re officially about to enter the very last month of winter, and it’s safe to say we’re all ready to welcome spring and summer with open (and optimistic) arms.

One of our favourite things about the dawn of a new season? The style shifts that come with it, especially (in our manicure-obsessed case) the nail trends equipped to kick off as soon as the warmer weather sets in.

Here, celebrity manicurist (and owner of her namesake Sydney-based beauty salon) Jocelyn Petroni weighs in on exactly what to expect.

Which style of nail shape do you see trending through spring and summer?

“Nail length is remaining short and natural, however the free edges of the nail are now starting to curve so the nail is not such a blunt square shape, but slightly more round and feminine,” explains Petroni. “Keep corners of the nail clean and sharp [as] this is an easy, low maintenance shape for summer.”

Will shellac still prove popular post-quarantine or can we expect to see a shift toward more nourishing alternatives?

“Quarantine has certainly changed the way women approach their nails as salons have been closed, forcing [them] to give their nails a break from the ongoing cycle of synthetic nails, [a positive as this is] detrimental to long term nail health,” Petroni explains.

“[In the salon] we have seen women wanting to book in for nail strengthening treatments, like our Naked Manicure, to get their nails in a healthy, glossy state and reset their nail habits.”

What polish colour and nail art trends do you foresee coming through for the warmer months?

“Brights will continue to shine [so] with any pop of colour de rigueur, don’t be afraid to try something completely new,” she shares.

Bold shades aren’t your only options, though. “Well groomed, yet bare nails will also be big as women look to a natural, low-maintenance option. The ‘barely-there’ look is a popular choice [in the salon], with clients loving the clean manicure options we have available.”

This bare finish-style aesthetic will also serve as the base for the coming season’s take on more intricate designs, Petroni confirms. “Nail art is beautiful when it’s elegant and sophisticated, on a clean natural nail,” she explains.

Are there any unexpected colours we should stock up on for spring/summer?

“Brown shades are making a comeback with some beautiful burgundy blends,” Petroni tells Marie Claire. Don’t underestimate the versality of the brown colour family, either; it spans from the aforementioned berry-bronze mixes all the way to deeper, cooler coffee colours and warm, rich cinnamon shades.

As for exact polish recommendations, Petroni has a few. “I love Chanel’s new Le Vernis Interdit, a reddish brown colour that reinvents Rouge Noir, for a softer everyday wearable hue that is comfortable and relaxed. The new Brown Break in Mavala’s spring collection is also a gorgeous option for this trend,” she shares.

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