What Is A Stippling Brush And How Do I Use It?

Want flawless make-up? Yeah you do

When it comes to your makeup brushes, we all know a foundation brush, blush brush and bronzer brush are essential – but have you heard of a stippling brush? Well, if you take your makeup game seriously – and are all about that flawless finish – then a stippling brush is the hard-working tool you probably didn’t know you needed – but now you do.

What is a stippling brush?

To know what a stippling brush is – or rather does – you first need to know what stippling is. Stippling in makeup, is as it is in art, it’s when you work a surface with small dots of paint, in this case, liquid or cream foundation. It’s often known as real-life airbrushing as it’s how you achieve a flawless finish and disguise imperfections.

And so a stippling brush is the tool you use to achieve this. Try one of our faves: the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, $24.99.

Sigma Stippling Brush
Sigma Stippling Brush, $30 (Credit: Adore Beauty)

How does a stippling brush work?

Stippling brushes typically feature two sets of bristles and a blunt edge. Firstly, the white synthetic fibres pick up the product and apply it to your skin, while the black (typically) natural fibres at the base are denser and help push the product into the skin.

How do you use a stippling brush?

Using your foundation of choice, apply a small amount to the back of the hand or a makeup palette and dab the stippling brush into the product with the white bristles only. Then lightly pat/dot the product all over your face (or you can also target specific areas rather than doing the entire face). Once you have put product everywhere you want it, then lightly swirl the brush in small circles using the black bristles to blend the foundation.

The stippling brush is also great for applying cream blushes and bronzers – just don’t forget to wash it between each use.

Zoeva Stippling Brush
Zoeva Rose Gold Stippling Brush, $32 (Credit: Sephora)

What are the benefits of a stippling brush?

Stippling brushes are perfect for people wanting a flawless makeup finish, so maybe for that special event or date night. Stippling is also perfect for people with imperfections including acne scarring as it provides a smooth finish.

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