How to Get Your Summer Glow On

New ways to perfect soft, smooth and toned skin

Inspired by Cheyenne Tozzi and the picture-perfect paradise of Hamilton Island, we find the latest in high-tech treatments, take-home tools and can-do products to streamline your body.

Tried & Tested: Targetting Cellulite

The Treatment ZWave Pro

What It Is new radial shock-wave therapy device, which encourages fat reduction and boosts skin firmness. It also helps kickstart collagen regeneration.

What to Expect The high-energy soundwaves trigger a boost in circulation and metabolism of the body’s fat cells, while the mechanical massage helps eliminate toxins and improves lymphatic drainage. The other plus? It takes only about 20 minutes all up, so this is a treatment you can do in your lunch hour. 

It’s Particularly Good For Improving the look of cellulite and stretch marks. It’s also a great adjunct treatment to other fat-reduction treatments because it helps decrease swelling, boosts skin tightening and improves the sweep up of fat cells destroyed in other sessions.

The Pain Threshold Somewhere between a high-repetition smack and a deep mechanical massage, this treatment may bruise if your therapist goes deep, but on the whole this is quite a relaxing body therapy.

Our Results I had my outer thighs treated and I saw smoothing after just one treatment. After six treatments
I noticed a definite reduction in the fat pocket and any dimpling I had was almost completely gone. The results have also lasted months.

What the Experts Say Because we’re altering collagen and elastin production, the results are long term and easily topped up– Dr Kris Bascomb

Time between sessions It’s a quick three to four minutes per area, but you will need to commit to three treatments per week for two weeks to get the best results.

Get It Here Boston Bay Family Health Practice, Port Lincoln, SA,

Cost Starting from $80 per area.


DIY Cellulite Busters

Smooth limbs with one of these four skin-tightening formulations.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, $69, available at

Dosed with guarana, which boasts five times the caffeine of coffee, this Brazilian import will boost circulation, while cupuaçu butter and coconut oil helps to soften and restore skin elasticity.

Sisley Cellulinov, $260, available at

The plant-based actives and essential oils in this luxe cream help tighten the appearance of dimpling and give skin an all-over softness. Especially good for your thighs, stomach and bottom.

Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert, $85, available at

Packed with an impressive eight plant extracts, this gel-cream formula glides onto skin to lift, firm and smooth trouble spots, such as the hips and thighs.

Ren AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum, $69, available at

The gentle yet exfoliating action of lactic acid helps to smooth and refine uneven texture, while probiotics help support the skin’s natural defences against pollution.

Tried & Tested: Targetting Looseness

The Treatment Thermage FLX

What It Is Using heat to boost collagen production, this treatment is like a deep-down Pilates workout for trouble spots, such as the back of arms, bellies, bottoms and thighs.

What to Expect This is a completely non-invasive treatment, which allows you to get right back to work, but do expect some level of discomfort. You’ll need to be patient, too: the skin-tightening results take between two to six months. The good news: a single session can maintain skin tightness for a whopping two years.

It’s Particularly Good For Tightening up crepey, loose skin, post-pregnancy stomach laxity, a sagging bottom and “bingo wings” under the arms.

The Pain Threshold You may feel an intense heat in certain areas with this treatment (you might want
to bring a stress ball). The upside is that the pain goes away almost as soon as the device is removed from your skin.

Our Results Don’t expect to lose three dress sizes with this zero-downtime treatment; it’s subtle and has a slow burn in terms of when you see results. However, thanks to the kickstart in collagen production, you can expect to shave a few years off your body’s appearance.

Tie Between Sessions This is an investment treatment, but you only need one session and results last between one to two years.

Get It Here Skin Renu, Balmain, NSW,

Cost Approximately $3200 per area.


DIY Tool Time

Tools and tech to get your limbs looking smooth and puff-free.

Gua Sha Don’t reserve this ancient tool only for your face. Using a gua sha in upwards, sweeping strokes to work in body oils is a great way to improve firmness on thighs and bottom. Try Kora Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor, $72.95, available at

Microcurrent Devices Designed to treat those stubborn areas on the body, this high-tech body tool uses a low-level microcurrent to smooth dimples and streamline trouble spots. Try NuFace NuBody device, $610, available at

Dry Body Brushing Known for improving blood circulation, body brushing on dry skin pre-shower sloughs away dead skin cells and self-tan build-up, while also warding off cellulite. Try The Body Shop Cactus Body Brush, $19, available at

Deep Massage Tools Massage kneads out tension and helps drain the lymphatic system of toxins for less puffiness. Try Sarah Chapman Bodylift Body Massager, $59.20, available at

Tried & Tested: Targetting Fat Pockets

The Treatment LIPOCel Body Sculpting

What It Is Using medical-grade High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) heat energy, LIPOcel tightens the skin and permanently reduces subcutaneous fat (the stubborn fat that sits above the muscle and below the skin).

What To Expect Able to tackle large parts of the body in a single session, this relaxing, zero-downtime treatment involves your therapist moving a cool machine head over your target area. You will need between two and four treatments to get results, but expect to see an impressive 20-40 per cent reduction in fat in the area being treated.

It’s Particularly Good For The stomach, love handles, thighs, arms and bra rolls.

What the Experts Say “Lipocel can target large areas of the body, such as the stomach in one single treatment”–Danielle Smith, Founder of Elite Body Contouring

What It Felt Like This tech is virtually pain-free. You might feel a bit of tightening, and some people can feel a bit of a residual ache afterwards (think post-workout pain), but you won’t need to grit your teeth here.

Time Between Sessions Two to four sessions, one month apart. You can book in for a body scan in between to track your progress.

Get It Here Elite Body Contouring, Sydney,

Cost From $998 per area.


Ingredients To Glow

A daily hit of body oil and a weekly rub of sea salt, sugar or coffee are the keys to healthy, radiant skin.

Sugar Too much sugar in your diet is not so good. But applied to the body, sugar turns into deep-cleansing, skin-smoothing goodness. TRY Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub, $15, available at; Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub, $63, available at

Oil Replenish dry, flaky skin with decadent, quick-absorbing oils. TRY Votary Hydrating Body Oil, $130, available at Jojoba Company Australian Jojoba Oil 85ml, $29.95, available at; Kora Organics Noni Glow Body Oil, $79.95, available at

Coffee Just as your morning coffee gives you a natural boost, when applied to the skin, ground coffee beans help brighten and tighten. Regular use can even help fade scars and pigmentation. TRY Frank Body A-Beauty Scrub, $18.95, available at Labo Body Scrub, $67, available at

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