3 Top Tips To Keep Your Skin In Check This Summer

Beat the heat

Summer may do wonders for your mood, but it’s not the kindest on your skin. All that glorious sunshine and warm weather brings with it some challenges, like an increased risk of sun damage and difficulty retaining moisture. A hard-working skincare routine that’s tailored to the season will help keep your skin in check.

These are the top battles your skin is currently facing, and how you can help it get through summer with glowing results.

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Issue #1: Keeping moisture in skin

The hot weather can strip skin of its vital moisture (as can air-conditioning), so it needs your help replenishing what naturally evaporates every day. “I recommend adding a serum under your daily moisturiser to help boost hydration and protect skin against environmental aggressors,” says marie claire’s Beauty Director, Sally Hunwick. “I love serums with hyaluronic acid. This buzz ingredient holds 1,000 times its weight in water so it really helps to keep skin hydrated and plump up fine lines.” Try endota new age Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum – powerful sodium hyaluronate in the formula provides immediate and long-lasting hydration.

Issue #2: Irritation caused by heat and sweat

The heat and ensuing sweat are a recipe for skin irritation in summer. “Think about switching your regular moisturiser for something more lightweight,” advises Sally. Heavy creams can trap in heat, and when you throw perspiration into the mix, there’s a good chance your complexion will become red and irritated. “Look for a moisturiser that’s hydrating and soothing yet feather-weight so you keep your skin calm and hydrated during the hot months,” recommends Sally. We like endota new age Sensitive Repair Moisturiser.

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Issue #3: Increased risk of sun damage

“SPF is a must-do every day to protect against damaging UVA and UVB rays so make sure you apply it to your face, neck and décolletage before your makeup each morning. DO NOT forget!” says Sally. An SPF of 30 or higher is recommended for Australia’s harsh sun and you need to reapply it regularly throughout the day – one application in the morning isn’t enough. Look for a sunscreen that’s non-whitening and has a nice texture: the best sunscreen is one you’ll actually use!

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