The Australian Cosmeceutical Product That Stops Expression Lines In Their Tracks

No needle required

Ageing is inevitable (and, hello, it definitely beats the alternative), but it doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down. There are ways to help slow down its visible effects. Until recently, the only truly successful option has been cosmetic injectables, but these can be costly, painful, invasive, time-consuming, and, if administered incorrectly, can leave one’s face looking paralysed and frightfully frozen. And for those who didn’t want to go down the injectable route? Their options were essentially limited to lovely creams, hopes and prayers, and not much else – until now.

WRINKLE BLOCK age prevention multi stick is a bona fide game changer, developed by Australia’s number one clinical skincare brand, freezeframe, a company known for delivering clinically proven solutions and technology that target women’s top beauty issues. WRINKLE BLOCK is their latest beauty breakthrough.

Try Wrinkle Block by freezeframe to prevent wrinkles
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Instead of paralysing muscles, the formula features two powerful peptides that help smooth lines and block expression wrinkles from actually forming in the first place. And because freezeframe knows the modern woman needs products that deliver on their promises quick smart, WRINKLE BLOCK works fast. It was clinically shown to provide up to a 78% relaxation effect on expression lines in just 30 minutes, with the smoothing effect lasting for up to 48 hours. One clinical trial tracked results over a seven-day period and found that deep wrinkles were diminished by almost 40% at the end of one week, and eye bags and puffiness were reduced by up to 76%. And the results were even more impressive after 28 days: a whopping 60% reduction in visible wrinkles.

Expression wrinkles are the result of two processes that occur in tandem: repetitive expressions like smiling and frowning, and a reduction of the energy skin needs to bounce back from them. This innovative formula utilises one peptide to slow down the movements that create wrinkles, and another peptide that simultaneously encourages skin to recover from these recurring expressions and the creases they can leave behind. (In a nice beauty bonus, the formula also features hyaluronic acid, to help keep skin moisturised and conditioned.)

Wrinkles are a result of repetitive expressions and a reduction of skin elasticity
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Applied twice daily on clean, dry skin, the unique anti-ageing stick can be used all over the eyes, face and neck, or you can focus on specific spots you’re looking to smooth over, like frown lines and those marionette lines on either side of the mouth. It comes in an on-the-go stick that delivers convenient, hygienic and targeted treatment.

No needles, no frozen muscles, just a fresher face, wide-awake eyes, and a revitalised complexion that is ready to face the future. Because while ageing is a privilege, there’s no reason you can’t look your best while you do it.

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