The Eyes Have it: These Are The Best Eye Creams For Every Concern

Say goodbye to wrinkles, eyebags and dark circles.

PSA: Eye cream is not a skincare step you should be skipping.

If you want to avoid stubborn skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, eyebags and dark circles, ensure that eye cream is part of your daily skincare regimen.  

The skin in your eye area is thinner than the rest of your face, has the lowest moisture and least amount of elasticity, so you really should give it some TLC. Investing in eye creams that are tailored to this delicate area will help keep the skin hydrated and plump around your peepers.

ACTIVIA has a full anti-ageing eyecare range that makes choosing an eye cream easy, whatever your skin concerns.

Read on to meet the hardworking products that will help you look rested and refreshed.

For instant results

activita youthfx definer
ACTIVITA YouthFX Definer, $99.

If you need a quick fix for your crow’s feet, ACTIVITA YouthFX Definer is for you.

Mineral derivatives and plant-based proteins form an ‘invisible shield’ on your skin, diminishing the appearance of eyebags and wrinkles in minutes. Skin is transformed to look tighter, smoother, and brighter—almost as if you’ve been ‘retouched in real life’, as the product shrinks and pulls back wrinkles for instant results. A quick and safe solution that lasts for up to 12 hours.

For a circulation boost

ACTIVITA Eye cream
ACTIVITA Eye C U 3000, $289.

This innovative eye cream with its vibrating technology combats crow’s feet, under-eye fine lines, lifts brows and diminishes forehead lines.

Using hexapeptides (they absorb into the delicate eye skin area more easily than peptides) and hyaluronic acid, ACTIVITA Eye C U 3000 combines its dermatological formula with beauty tech advances. Cellular vibration is used to infuse the cream and massage the skin, which boosts circulation and reduces puffiness. Use daily for two minutes (one minute per eye), to treat wrinkles and crow’s feet. You should see visible results in 21 days.

For lasting results

ACTIVITA ACE++ Eye Cream, $69.

If you are prepared to make a commitment to your eye skincare routine, ACTIVITA ACE++ Eye Cream will reward you with lasting results.

The ultra nourishing eye cream is formulated with active ingredients and vitamins A, C, E and K to brighten skin and reduce eye fatigue. Its de-stressing properties are perfect if you spend your life in front of a screen, and will help diminish lines and dark circles. It’s also great for dry and sensitive skin types. Expect to see rejuvenated skin in one month.

ACTIVIA eye care products are available at NO FACE Skincare. Visit  NO FACE Skincare to find out more.

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