The Nutrients & Care Our Bodies Need At 50 (And Beyond)

Because ageing doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

It may be a completely normal part of life, but we tend to shy away from acknowledging the fact we are getting older.

Instead of celebrating all the good that comes with a bit of added ‘life mileage’—like making better and more informed choices based on experience or entering a new era of comfort and trust in our relationships—we are constantly trying to turn back the clock.

But beauty and wellness website—Going Beyond Beauty—is helping us embrace these changes, equipping us with knowledge on what our bodies need as the years tick by.

From The Inside Out

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Our diet plays a huge role in making us feel good from the inside, out. That’s why Going Beyond Beauty has a number of articles on the beauty of eating well.

As we get older, our bodies may not be able to absorb nutrients the same way they used to, so it’s important to give ourselves a little boost here and there.

Eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D can help maintain bone health and strength, upping your intake of vitamin B12 to keep blood and nerve cells healthy and adding some antioxidant rich foods (like tomatoes, broccoli, or pumpkin) to your plate to protect our cells from damage can all play a part in feeling that little bit healthier.

Invest In Your Skin

When it comes to anti-ageing, it’s more about stopping further damage in its tracks rather than trying to turn back time.

As we age, we may notice more volume loss, especially around our face. That’s because our bone shrinks, we lose fat, and our skin loses firmness and elasticity from slower production of collagen as we get older.

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Prevention is often most effective, so establishing a skincare routine that protects from environmental factors, like the harsh Australian sun or damaging free radicals, can help stop damage before it even starts and keep our skin looking its best for years to come. Using products with high SPF and broad-spectrum protection is important and incorporating a Vitamin C serum can help.

It may be helpful to give our skin a little extra TLC, like adding a regular trip to the facialist into your routine or looking into treatments like chemical peels or skin needling.

Before any type of cosmetic treatment—from non-invasive procedures to anti-wrinkle injections—it’s important to research the best option for you.

Going Beyond Beauty answers all your questions about various treatments, including outlining potential risks and side effects, knowing how to prepare and what to expect in recovery, and how to find the best healthcare practitioner for the job.

A Holistic Approach

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Growing older should be approached in a holistic way. After all, ageing affects every part of our lives, from our relationships and careers to our bodies and minds.

That means there are several different areas where we can make the ageing process easier for ourselves. Like switching up our exercise routine to focus on stretching and muscle retention, changing our diet to include more wholefoods, adding collagen-boosting and moisturising products to our beauty shelf, or even taking dietary supplements to boost our stores of certain vitamins and minerals.

Focusing on how we feel, rather than how we look, can help us feel happy, confident, and relaxed about the very natural process that is growing older. 

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