Beauty’s new MVP: the half-halo highlight

Get the beauty world’s most flattering glow

Strobing. Contouring. Non-touring. Highlighting. The list of beauty buzzwords can be exhausting to look at – let put into practice. But this simple glow-getting trick will actually save you time, because it’s the only highlight you really need in your routine.

Gigi shows us how the half moon halo is done (Credit: Getty Images)

The “half-halo” – a genius term the team at the Glossier created for their new product, haloscope – refers to the crescent or “c” shape from your upper cheekbone to brow bone. This is prime highlighting real estate; because it always catches the light, so in photos you just need a slight head tilt to get the kind of gleam usually reserved for celebs.

Now for the bad news: You can’t get your hands on the Glossier’s haloscope in Australia yet. But, there are a bunch of highlighters that will do a similar trick. Just opt for a creamy formulation that has more sheen than shimmer (so no glitter particles). Apply with your ring finger (this will help warm the product) in a tapping motion over the half-halo, and blend well. If the product is already in a stick form you can apply direct to the shape, just always remember to blend well.

Try: Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlighter Stick, $24.95

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