Finally! The ultimate fixes for super-fine hair

Pro tips to get the full, bouncy hair your want

Anyone with fine hair knows, injecting volume and life is a daily struggle. The good news is this hair type is not only  manageable but malleable and easy to style. All you need is these simple tricks to adding some oomph to your strands.

The best way to cut fine hair
The right haircut is key to bulking up fine strands. Celebrity stylist Renya Xydis advises against long lengths and recommends regular trims to prevent strands from looking flat and stringy. Care also needs to be taken with layering. When cut correctly, layers give your style movement and changeability, but “if you start to chop into them too much they can start to look wispy”, warns Mark Hampton, Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe global hair ambassador. To add volume, keep layers chin length or longer to enhance movement and texture. Don’t be afraid to try a fringe to add fullness to your roots.

How to style fine hair
The secret to adding bulk lies in using the correct blow-drying technique to create lift, points out Hampton. Apply a volumising product to damp strands, concentrating on your roots. “Water is the strongest type of bond for the hair and the best way to make it remember where to stay in place, which is why it’s important to apply product to wet hair and then blow-dry it,” he explains. Roughly dry your lengths and once nearly dry, define your part line. Starting at the crown, take small sections and wrap them around a barrel brush while you blow-dry, pulling upwards and focusing on drying the roots completely to create height. In a hurry? Add texture and body to dry hair with dry shampoo.

The kit:

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