4 New Technologies To Get You Toned and Tight

Thermage, body sculpting and more next-gen treatments to know

Winter is the ideal time to get your beach body ready for spring-summer. We round up the best new treatments and at-home products to contour, tighten and smooth the arms, stomach, hips, thighs and bottom.


The treatment: LIPOcel body sculpting

What it is: This medical grade contouring tech uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to permanently zap fat cells and tighten the skin without damaging the skin’s surface.

What to expect: First you are body scanned by the InBody 770, so you can track how much body fat you’ve lost. Then your therapist moves the cool-touch LIPOcel device over your target area. You can achieve an impressive 20-40 per cent reduction in subcutaneous fat (the stubborn fat that sits above the muscle and below the skin) in the treated area. The treatment is relaxing and virtually pain-free. 

It’s particularly good for: The stomach, love handles, thighs, arms and bra bulge. Time between sessions Between two and four treatments a month apart for best results.

What the expert says: “LIPOcel is effective for those stubborn ‘hard-to shift’ deposits of fat that won’t budge no matter how clean your diet and how strict your exercise regimen,” says Danielle Smith, founder of Elite Body Contouring.

Cost: From $998.

Get it here: Elite Body Contouring,


The treatment: Thermage FLX

What it is: Said to be like Pilates for the skin, this treatment uses heat to kickstart collagen production to tighten and firm slackened skin.

The benefits: Able to be used on both the face and body, it tightens loose skin to improve body contours. The changes are not drastic, but you can bank on noticeable tightening in the following months.

What to expect: Skin tightening results happen over two to six months following the non-invasive treatment. You may feel heat in sensitive areas, but it dissipates quickly and there is zero downtime.

It’s particularly good for: Tightening crepey areas of skin, post-pregnancy stomach laxity, a sagging bottom, wrinkling knees, and loose skin on the arms.

Time between sessions: You can go two to three years between sessions.

What the expert says: “The Thermage FLX treatment encourages collagen growth to slow down the process of ageing,” says Vicky Lambrinos, director and consultant at MD Cosmedical Solutions.

Cost: $1800 – $3800.

Get it here: MD Cosmedical Solutions, mdcosmedical


The treatment: ZWave Pro

What it is: A radial shockwave therapy device that encourages fat reduction and boosts skin firmness and collagen regeneration.

What to expect: The high-energy sound waves trigger a boost in circulation and metabolism of the body’s fat cells, while the mechanical massage helps eliminate toxins and improves lymphatic drainage.

It’s particularly good for: Skin tightening and improving the look of cellulite and stretch marks.

Time between sessions: The Cynosure treatment is a mere three to four minutes per area, but factor in two treatments per week for three weeks for best results.

Cost: $50 per area (one inner thigh for example) per treatment.

Get it here: Dr Michael Zacharia,


The treatment: Infrared sauna

What it is: While traditional saunas use heat to warm the skin, infrared saunas use carbon technology to gently heat your core body temperature using infrared light energy. This has a detoxifying effect at a cellular level.

What to expect: Just like a regular sauna, this is a relaxing treatment where you can indulge in some me-time (20 to 40 minutes is ideal). Temperatures are 60 to 80 per cent lower than regular saunas.

It’s particularly good for: With temperatures around 45 to 55C, it takes longer to sweat in an infrared sauna, but it is said to be a much deeper sweat. A session is said to help expel toxins, burn calories, boost circulation and reduce swelling and puffiness. It can also help ease chronic pain, arthritis and sports injuries.

Time between sessions: A 30 to 40-minute session three or four times a week gives optimal results.

What the expert says: “Infrared stimulates on different levels [far, mid and near] to mobilise heavy metals, lactic acid and the lymphatic system,” says Dr Dianne Clark, owner of Norbu in Melbourne. “It’s best for excess fluid, skin congestion, fatigue and insomnia.”

Cost: $40 for 40 minutes or $300 for 10 sessions.

Get it here: Norbu Urban Retreat,

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