This Is The Makeup Trick Blake Lively Swears By

So THIS is why she always looks so beautiful...
Getty Images

Blake Lively never fails to look like an absolute knockout on a red carpet. By now, she’s built up a range of tricks to keep up her sleeve when she wants to make a statement. But this latest makeup trick is quite an innovative one for making her makeup look good in any light.

It’s called The Makeup Light – it’s basically an LED lamp mirror that mimics natural sunlight so that you get a better idea of what your makeup will look like inside or outside. Blake even introduced it to her makeup artist, who is absolutely loving it!

Her makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, said: “Getting the mesmerising Blake Lively ready in Cannes and thank you Blake for introducing me to the best kept secret The Makeup Light it’s changed my life! THANK YOU!!!”

And we can clearly see the effects, because this was the end result:

Stunning Blake! 

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