This terrifying picture shows the risk of gel manicures

If you’re a mani/pedi regular, you need to read this

You’ve probably heard – and shrugged off – whispers that the UV light required for gel manicures could pose a potential health risk, but for at least one gel mani devotee, it’s become a frightening reality.

Lauren Ann has shared a picture of her best friend’s thumbnail on Facebook, Cosmopolitan UK reports, which looks completely normal – except for the brown-coloured stripe right down the middle of it.

“That’s what #melanoma looks like on a #thumbnail,” Lauren writes, explaining, “One of my very best friends in the world got gel manicures regularly, like many of us. Prior to her diagnosis I hadn’t put too much thought into the dangers of the UV light so closely to the fingers/nails, especialy with some fairly newer chemical compound on them.

“She no longer has this thumbnail because THANK GOD she was smart enough to go to a dermatologist and he diagnosed her with a rare form of cancer and did surgery.”

It’s not just your nails that are at risk from developing cancer from UV lamps, but the skin surrounding them, which also comes in contact with the light.

Although the cancer risk from UV nail lamps is considered low, it’s worth understanding the risks involved with regular use.

If you’re concerned, but can’t imagine a lifetime of bare nails, it may be time to DIY – and there are loads of long-wear, gel-look polishes on the market now that don’t require time under UV. O.P.I, Sally Hansen and Revlon (pictured above) have three of our favourites.

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