THIS Is Your New Favourite Hair Colour Technique

Move over balayage ...

Ladies, what you’re looking at below is your new hair colour inspiration: 

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Tigereye stone (Credit: Getty)

Pretty, right?

Tigereye is worn for protection and confidence, but it’s the ancient stone’s rich brown and gold hues that has inspired the latest colour trend, which is about thin, golden-beige or caramel highlights hand-painted on a warm or dark chocolate base. The lighter strips help illuminate the brown, and emphasizes movement in hair. 

It looks natural and the growing-out phase is not painful, so that means less time in the salon for touch-ups (music to your ears, right?). 

And lest we state the obvious, yes, it is very similar to balayage but different enough for social media to coin a new term. 

Here’s some celebrity inspiration to get you started: 

And, of course, Pinterest has been all over tigereye hair colour for a while: 

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