How To Nail Perfectly Tousled Beach Waves

Sea salt hair spray mandatory, bikini optional

A day at the beach does all kinds of things to your tresses. Dries it out, scrunches it up, gets full of salt and well, can end up looking a total mess.

That’s where sea salt spray comes in. 

Sea salt spray helps you work with the elements while protecting your tresses from all that sand, sun and sea and can give you that beach wave, I-haven’t-even-tried look.

With a quick spritz between swims you’ll be the envy of your friends.

Kristin Ess

#8 Kristin Ess Sea Salt Spray

Firstly, the Kristin Ess Sea Salt Sprayis more of a superfine mist which is quite different from all the others. 

Ali D says, “This is one of the best salt sprays I have found. However, I do agree with other reviews that say it leaves behind a weird texture and can dry out your hair, which is to be expected when you are spraying salt into your hair.”

“But this product leaves my hair with texture, volume, and that beachy effortless look. This is the first salt spray I have found that holds the beach waves throughout the day. Other sprays never hold the texture and always just fall. Would definitely recommend.”

RRP $18.99

Toni & Guy

#7 Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

This texturising spray from Toni & Guy leaves a matt finish and works best on damp hair. After you spritz, work it through with your fingers for the best result.

Anne from NSW says, “This product is quite good. It holds your waves in place and gives your hair a tousled, messy look. Someone actually commented that my hair looked like I’d just come from the beach so I guess it’s doing what it says.”

“It doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy and washes out easily.”

RRP $15.99

John Frieda

#6 John Frieda Ocean Waves Sea Salt Spray

This fresh smelling Ocean Waves Spray leaves a ropey, ripple effect and like all sea salt sprays, can be drying so plenty of conditioner is a must. Just like after a day at the beach.

Rhianautumn from VIC says, “More than happy with this product. I’ve tried another sea salt spray from the John Frieda brand in the past and I really didn’t like it but they’ve wowed me with this one.”

“Beautiful beachy tousled waves without the crispy aftermath.”

RRP $16.99

Evo salty sea dog

#5 Evo Salty Dog Salt Spray

Even the name sounds cool and you’ll be looking cooler than school once you start using this.

Vegan and cruelty-free with zero sulphates and parabens, Evo Salt Dog Salt Spray is a prime example of eco-friendly fashion that maintains the ability to make you look a million bucks.

Just like Stephanie Gilmour.

Trixie says,Great salt spray that smellls fresh and easy to use. I use this on wet hair and let my hair dry naturally which encourages the wave in my hair and gives texture.”

“I also use this before blow drying my hair which gives it fullness and texture. Very light, not sticky and easy to brush out.”

RRP $34

MUK beach sea salt spray

#4 Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray

This is the stuff of pros. Even the bottle looks professional.

To get the best results from Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray, shake it vigorously. Spray on damp or dry hair. Give it a blast with the hairdryer (or just tease it with your fingers). 

Then, step outside and prepare to receive compliments.

Laura557 says, “I have naturally wavy hair but using this product made the waves stay put and not end in flyaways. Not sticky and great smell.”

“I used on damp hair sprayed all over and gave a light scrunch. once dry i was left with soft beachy waves. I have shoulder length bob but I can imagine it would be useful on any length hair. Easy to use and didn’t dry my hair out.”

RRP $22

Eleven sea salt spray

#3 Eleven Sea Salt Texture Spray

Hydrolysed wheat protein and actual sea salt make the Eleven Sea Salt Texture Spray a great addition to your beach bag.

And when you’re not at the beach? Spray once for a light hold, scrunch your hair then spritz another once or twice and voila! Beach hair is yours.

Jessica says, “This product is amazing, it is affordable and you get a lot of product in the bottle. I love the fresh cucumber scent and the matte texture it gives makes it easier to control my hair.”

RRP $23.95

Bumble and Bumble

#2 Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

Thanks to Bumble and Bumble you don’t actually need to be able to surf to look like you do.

Transform straight-ish locks into a just-got-back-from-a-surf look with lots of body and texture and be ready in less than 5 mins. But, don’t touch it! The longer you leave it, the longer it’ll hold.

Bonus: it’s cruelty-free.

Tabb from VIC says, “This is my favourite (and only) sea salt spray that I use although not the only one I’ve tried. I use it especially if I don’t have time to wash my hair (sounds gross I know but it does make my hair wash last and last, and it looks better the older it gets, until I say enough! must wash hair…!)”

RRP $41

Kevin Murphy Hair Resort

#1 Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray

Two words: Smells Amazing.

Just like all Kevin Murphy products, the Hair Resort Spray has a scent that leaves you feeling happier, not to mention the product is fabulous!

If you want that tousled beach look minus the crispy, frizzies then this is for you.

Miranda says, “Great beach texture, smells amazing and easy to use. Reactivated the next day by running wet hands through my hair!”

James says, “I love this rather than using other sticky, heavy styling products. Just a few easy sprays go a long way & really helps me style my fine hair without weighing it down, holding too firm or feeling sticky / looking greasy.”

“Nice shine & fresh scent. I combine with KM shimmer shine, highly recommended.”

RRP $39.95

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