Tried And Tested: This Face Palette Sparked A Buying Frenzy At US Sephora. So We Put It To The Test

It’s now available in Australia.

Pop quiz: What do you get when you combine über popular beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill with BECCA Cosmetics?

You get a make-up palette that sells out in 90 minutes. Yes, that’s correct: 90 minutes.

When Hill – who has 2.9 MILLION followers – announced that the face palette was on sale on Sephora’s mobile app, it sold out in in less than two hours. The limited edition BECCA Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette itself features three shades of blush and two illuminators.

The face palette’s biggest drawcard is the highlighters – specifically, the Champagne Glow highlighter, a peachy-gold shade that works on every skin tone. When Hill released the highlighter in a compact last year it not only sold out in 20 minutes, it even sparked its own hashtag #findingchampagnepop as beauty lovers searched the Internet for more stock.

The other highlighter is Prosecco Pop. It’s similar to Champagne Glow but without the peach, meaning it’s a warmer and bolder.

There are also two matte shades of blush: Amaretto and Pamplemousse. The former is a medium-dark rosy brown while Pamplemousse is a coral pink. Both shades are quite bold. 

The third shade of blush is Rosé Spritz, a luminous and easy-to-wear option. Just like the wine, it’s pink with gold accents! 

Our pick? There’s a reason the Champagne Glow highlighter has been a best seller – and we can understand why. We also loved the Rosé Spritz blush. 

The BECCA Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette is available from Sephora for $89. Walk, don’t run and please, form an orderly queue. Alternatively, you can buy it here.

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