Here’s Why Vanilla Chai Blonde Is The Perfect Winter Hair Trend

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With summer beach days fading fast it’s the perfect time to bring back the sunshine lighten your locks in favour of a sun-kissed hue.

The next big colour trend you’ll be seeing all over your Instagram feed is Vanilla Chai Blonde. Inspired by creamy Vanilla tones, this is a cool-toned ash blonde, which is overall light while still allowing for darker roots.

After-care is vital for keeping freshly dyed strands healthy, evo and Cloud Nine Creative Director, Lauren McCowan suggests swapping out your regular conditioner for one that’s specially formulated.

“My go-to product for coloured hair is definitely the evo Fabuloso Colour conditioner range as it conditions, repairs, adds shine, tones and intensifies hair colour. The products work in just minutes, so it’s incredibly easy to add into your summer haircare routine,” McCowan explains.

Lauren also warns against environmental factors such as the sun and chlorine which can wreak havoc on your highlights. “Hydration is key when it comes to coloured hair in Summer and no one wants dull, dry hair!

“I love evo’s The Great Hydrator as the formula is really nourishing and moisturising, keeping colour hair looking shiny and beautiful. It’s especially great after a long day in the sun.”

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