Victoria Beckham Is Launching Her Own Skincare Line

This is what we know so far

Never before in our lives have we been so excited about a celebrity beauty launch (sorry, Kylie). Shortly after news of the Spice Girls long-awaited reunion went viral, Victoria Beckham has shared an equally exciting announcement: she’s working on a skincare and perfume label. Permission to squeal.

Given that her tightly edited makeup collection with Estée Lauder was 14 gilded pieces of absolute perfection, we can expect her skincare to be effective, problem-solving and luxe, luxe, luxe.

Beckham made her big announcement via the below Facebook Live video. “I am currently in the process of creating my own colour, my own line of skincare creams and a perfume,” she says, adding: “It’s never about copying what other people are doing, it’s about what I can’t find.”

She goes on to say that the skincare will be “very scientific” and that she’s “working with the best.”

The Cut speculates that “the best” could be New York-based dermatologist-to-the-stars Dr Harold Lancer. Beckham has waxed lyrical about Dr Lancer before, and keeps his skincare products in her beauty kit (for the record, she’s also a big fan of this $15 moisturiser, so maybe the products will have a natural bent).

Becks gives no details on when the range will be released, or whether it’s another collaboration with Estée Lauder or her own initiative. Either way, we are already sold.

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