Victoria’s Secret Model Georgia Fowler Shares Her Best Beauty Hacks

We glean all her secrets

She’s just walked her second Victoria’s Secret show, has a Harry Styles song all about her and has hit the runway for Chanel, Balmain, Off-White and Topshop, to name a few. Oh, and she’s currently rumoured to be dating Nick Jonas.

But despite her rapidly rising star power, 25-year-old Kiwi model Georgia Fowler, who divides her time between Sydney and NYC, couldn’t be more down-to-earth. As she prepares to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway in Shanghai, she sat down with marie claire to talk all things beauty, fitness and health.

How are you prepping for the show?

I’m just increasing my workouts and trying to be as healthy with my diet as possible. We’ve had about three months since the casting, so they’ve given us enough time to prep. It’s just about getting into it mentally, I just can’t wait to do it already!

What’s your exercise regimen like?

I have a trainer in New York and we do a lot of weight training which I love, then when I’m not with him I will do a barre class, or pilates or boxing – I just try to mix it up as much as possible. I was really sporty growing up so I love working out hard and doing weights, and I love building muscle as that’s something I haven’t done before.

What’s your diet like before a show?

I do swimwear shoots all year round, so I’ve always got to stay in shape. I basically eat mostly fruit and vegetables, I’m allergic to dairy so I don’t have dairy, a little bit of protein and lots of good fats. Some meals I’ll go vegetarian and just have raw fats, and other times I’ll put in a little bit of protein. But really I just avoid dairy and excess amounts of carbs and grains. And no processed foods.

Is there anything you treat yourself with?

Chocolate! I love chocolate. I will never deprive myself. I will always have a little fun size chocolate when I need it.

Do you drink?

I don’t drink all the time, but I’ll definitely enjoy a cocktail now and then. I think it’s just about balance and I love a margarita. But definitely not every night!

What skincare products do you use?

I actually keep skincare really simple. I have heaps coming on and off when I’m working, so when I’m not working, I’ll make sure I take my make-up off with a really simple remover like Bioderma Crealine micellar water. And then I’ll use face oil which gives me that glow, or if it’s winter or I’m flying a lot, I’ll use a moisturiser called Weleda Skin Food that people actually use on their elbows and feet. It’s all natural and I love it.

Is there a particular face oil that you use?

It’s just a Kiehl’s one that I think is really nice, Midnight Recovery. Or just a simple rosehip oil.

Is there a facemask you love?

I get really puffy eyes in the morning sometimes, so there are these eye patches that I’ve found which are really good at de-puffing. The brand is called Skyn Iceland. I apply them before make-up, or while I’m on the way to work I’ll throw them on.

Are there any other backstage beauty secrets you can share?

If you want shiny skin on your body, you can use Ponds cold cream and it gives an amazing glow, or on shoots they use olive oil spray, but I wouldn’t recommend that!

Any hair tricks that you’ve picked up?

Less is more, at least with my type of hair. It’s curly so I try to use a moisturising cream so it doesn’t get too frizzy and I love using a diffuser. If I need to speed up the drying process on the end of the hairdryer, so it doesn’t blow out the curl it just diffuses it a little bit.

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