Free Sanitary Products Are Now Available In All Schools Across Victoria

It’s the first state to do so

There’s no doubt Victoria is having a tough time right now, with the highest amount of COVID-19 cases across the country by far. But the state is also deserving of a huge round of applause, for being the first in Australia to provide free sanitary products in every public school. 

Following in the steps of Scotland – the first country to make sanitary products free to all women – Victoria began its steps towards providing students with free sanitary pads and tampons via school bathrooms back in late 2019.

The Victorian Government committed to the funding of $20.7 million over four years, beginning from Term 3 of that year. “Being able to access sanitary products shouldn’t be a barrier for girls and young women to get the most out of their education,” the statement read.

Just under a year later, and more than 1,500 Government schools have had dispenser machines installed in at least one bathroom, to provide easy and discreet access for students.

“Getting your period is a normal part of life and sanitary items are a basic necessity,” said Minister for Women, Gabrielle Williams. “We’re ensuring all girls in our public schools have access to pads and tampons when they need them, so they can focus on their studies.”

Despite half the population requiring the use of sanitary products each month, Victoria is the first state and territory to implement the free sanitary items initiative. They will also be providing education and important health information to students about how to manage their periods.

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