The New Supplement Combating Dark Circles and Uneven Skin Tone

Vida Glow is shaking up the skincare game at a cellular level with its new launch, Radiance.

When it comes to treating problem skin conditions, it’s easy to become obsessed with what’s on the outside. Many of us are guilty of spending huge amounts of money on creams, serums, peels and lasers to combat skin issues like pigmentation and dark circles, but really, we need to stop and think about what’s happening below skin’s surface. That’s where an ingestible supplement can come in.

Cult beauty brand Vida Glow have developed a global following for their ingestible skincare and have just launched a game-changing new formula targeting the visible effects of pigmentation. A total beauty industry game-changer. Instead of treating skin’s surface, Radiance tackles the cause where it begins – the epidermis. Through cutting-edge science, it operates on a cellular level, addressing visible imperfections on skin complexion, dark spots, dark circles, while boosting overall skin luminosity from the inside out.

Pigmentation Explained

Pigmentation and dark circles can happen to everyone and are the result of overproduction of melanin triggered by genetics, hormones and other environmental issues. Whether you’ve spent too much time in the sun over the years, have suffered from acne, hormonal changes during pregnancy, or simply aren’t getting enough sleep or adequate nutrition, our skin can suffer the consequences in the long term. From sun-spots to acne scars, facial discolouration is one of those pesky skin issues that can be difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, help is at hand, as advancements in cellular beauty make it possible to target stubborn dark spots to give your skin back its glow.

Radiance is a once-daily capsule to target dull and uneven skin. (Credit: Supplied)

How Radiance Works

A once-daily capsule, Radiance is formulated with bioavailable, active ingredients studied to have a positive effect on skin tone and appearance. Radiance delivers primary and secondary antioxidants which provide synergistic antioxidant protection to prevent skin oxidation – a well-known cause of pigmentation and discolouration.  

The formula’s hero active, SkinAx2™, is an award-winning combination of Champagne grapeseed and French melon extracts that work to diminish and brighten melasma pigmentation, post-acne dark spots, age and sun-spots and dark circles (aka, the toughest beauty challenges). The unique combination of SkinAx2™ with vitamins, minerals and carotenoids prevents the causes of a dull complexion. It also helps regulate melanin production, stabilises collagen fibres and improves microcirculation, which are all key for radiant skin. 

Proven results

Radiance is clinically studied to deliver real, tangible results. Official clinical studies revealed visible, positive changes to the complexion across multiple skin tone concerns, including post-partum melasma pigmentation, discolouration from acne, dark spots from ageing and excessive sun, and dark under-eye circles due to genetics, sleep deprivation and stress.

Within two months of consistent, daily supplementation, the conducted trials showed an increase in luminosity by -26%, significant reduction of imperfections on the face by -18% and a reduction in dark circles by -12%; resulting in even skin tone and illuminated complexions[i].

vida glow
Good skin starts on the inside. (Credit: Supplied)

Radiance = One Capsule A Day

Unlike Vida Glow’s bestselling powder supplements Natural Marine Collagen and Anti-G-Ox, Radiance comes in a vegan capsule, for targeted release in the small intestines. This is to protect sensitive active, SkinAx2 ™, from stomach acidity as it travels through the body, ensuring all actives are broken down at the intended point and are fully distributed into the body for optimal absorption. Tasteless, odourless and plant-based, the capsules are suitable for all skin types.

[i] Dumoulin M, Gaudout D, Lemaire B. Clinical effects of an oral supplement rich in antioxidants on skin radiance in women. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2016;9:315-324. Published 2016 Oct 18. doi:10.2147/CCID.S118920

Radiance is available now, priced at $90, check it out HERE

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