The Lockdown Beauty Innovations You Need To Know About

Tech to the rescue

It’s now been a couple of months since our long-standing salon appointments came to an abrupt halt. 

And while learning the skill of an at-home brow tint, or salon-quality DIY manicure was useful (and dare we say, even a little fun for a while), we’re desperate to have the experts back on board. 

There’s a chance salon restrictions may ease soon, but in the meantime, the industry’s best have been busy creating at-home solutions for your ‘usually left in someone else’s hands’ and ‘swatch before you buy’ beauty problems.

So while we may not be able to head for a facial or test out a new foundation before buying it just yet, digital try-ons and one-on-one consultations are here to ease the beauty pain.

Virtual Beauty Consultations

Alpha-H Live Skin Consultations

Skin wigging out from the change in lifestyle? Book yourself in with an Alpha-H complexion expert. All 20 minute online sessions are complimentary, and you’ll be able to receive personalised advice and prescriptions from the comfort of your own home. Simply fill out the online form on the website and one of their highly trained members will be in touch to set up a session over Skype or FaceTime.

Ella Baché Virtual Salons

Missing your local beauty therapist? Ella Baché can reconnect you through ‘Virtual Salons’. The free feature allows you to receive one-on-one advice via video chat, and the opportunity to purchase recommended products from the same salon online. An excellent option if you’re wanting to support your local favourite.

MECCA Beauty Consultations

MECCA’s doors have reopened, but its digital platform MECCA LIVE lives on. The 24/7 online beauty broadcasting programme offers beauty consultations via FaceTime, so you can receive the same 5-star in-store treatment at home. You can choose between a 15 minute pow wow or a 45 minute skin or makeup consultation. It’s free and it’s fabulous.

La Prairie Bespoke Phone Consultations

Luxury skincare brand La Prairie is providing complimentary and bespoke phone consultations for their customers. A beauty advisor will take you through the latest innovations, provide more information on the luxury collections and help to create your personalised skincare ritual. 

1800 649 849 or email [email protected]

Makeup Try-On Technology

L’Oréal’s Modiface

If two things have boomed since restrictions, it’s online purchases and hair colour switch-ups. And to ensure you can do both with little regret, L’Oréal’s Modiface lets you try on hundreds of hair colours from the Colorista and Excellence ranges, as well as the lipstick to match your new look.

YSL Virtual Try-On

As far as live cameras go, YSL’s Virtual Try On is very realistic, and the selection to sample is just as impressive too. From the iconic Rouge Volupte Shine, to mascara and even foundation, you’ll be able to try on a full face of glam, with the bonus of not having to wash your face afterwards.

MAC Virtual Try-On

MAC’s extensive library of colours can be overwhelming, but with 200+ shades available to try on, it certainly helps to narrow it down. Apply both eyeshadows and lip colours by uploading a photo, or give the live camera a whirl.

Take-Home Professional Colour Kits

Raw by Anthony Nader

Step away from the box dye, Nader insists. The Sydney salon doesn’t want your colourist’s hard work to be undone, so they’ve launched the ‘RAW Colour Box’ complete with your custom-made colour (permanent or semi, depending on preference), toner and gloss. Ready for a pamper sesh?


EdwardsAndCo were quick to create at-home hair colour packs, as well as a new video series ‘The Lockdown with EdwardsAndCo’ on IGTV. The salon’s eight locations have come together to solve every at-home hair problem, from maintaining your fringe to taking care of your extensions, and even beard-trimming tips. 


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