Everything You Need To Know About Thermage Before You Try It

It's the non-surgical facelift celebrities can't get enough of

I’ll admit when I received an email asking if I’d like to try a Thermage facial – I saw facial, said yes and cleared my schedule.

And then I googled Thermage and I had a mini freak out as the first thing that came up was the words non-surgical facelift. The word ‘facelift’ immediately freaked me out and I considered coming up with an excuse not to go.

A little more research however and my intrigue was just so that I kept my appointment. And I’m so glad I did.

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Thermage is the treatment celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston swear by because it’s zero down-time, non-surgical and non-invasive – and the results can last up to three years. Sounds pretty impressive

As a sleep-deprived working mum, wrinkle and anti-ageing treatments are definitely on my radar, so speaking with Sylvia Down, Partner/Practice Manager, Skin Renu I picked her brain on what exactly is Thermage, who it is best for and why it’s garnering so much attention. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

What is Thermage?

Thermage is a facial and body treatment to tighten and lift the skin by stimulating the formation of collagen.

Collagen takes several months to produce, the Thermage Radio Frequency bulk heating mechanism stimulates new collagen, which gradually forms (over 3-6 months) and over this time the patient can expect to see a fuller, more toned and lifted appearance.  

The benefit of Thermage Monopolar Radio Frequency it that the bulk heating targets the collagen-rich layers of the dermis stimulating the production of new collagen but the RF also travels along the fibrous septea causing them to contract and give a contouring effect.

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Who is the ideal candidate for Thermage?

Anyone who’s skin needs some tightening and for those who are beginning to see the effects of collagen depletion. Most of our patients are over 35. 

Where on the face and body can it be done?

The whole face and neck, the abdomen, buttocks, arms, knees, thighs.

What issues is Thermage great for?

Lax and loose skin, thin skin, sagging jawline, crepey skin above the knees.


What results can you expect after the treatment?

While new collagen takes several months to produce, existing collagen does tighten. You will notice some initial tightening, however, the full benefits of the treatment are more obvious after 4-6 months. The skin will appear tighter and smoother.

Is there any downtime after the treatment?

There is no downtime with Thermage. The face will only appear a little flushed for the first hour after treatment.

How long/how many treatments before we see results?

Thermage is a once only stand-alone treatment. However, most of our Thermage patients return yearly or every two years to maintain their results.

Is Thermage safe for pregnant/breastfeeding women?

It is not suitable for pregnant women and as no topical anaesthetic is used it is suitable for breastfeeding women.

So what was my verdict?

The treatment was WAY less painful than I was anticipating, but that said at times it definitely did sting – certain points on the face and neck hurt more than others due to nerves under the skin, but overall I found it very tolerable.

I walked out of the salon feeling revitalised and fresh, my skin was a little red but not too bad, and it went down quickly. I had planned a quiet night in just in case, but there was no need to hide away afterwards so you could probably get it done on your lunch break or before heading out if needed.

As for the results, in the days following my skin definitely felt glowing and plumped, however the full extent of the results won’t be visible for 4-6 months – perfect timing just as the party season hits!

So if you’re thinking about giving Thermage a go my advice would be plan ahead as its a long-game treatment. So if you have a wedding or a big event you want to look fab for just think about your timings and plan it well ahead of time.  

Depending on the treatment area, prices for Thermage start from $2,000. Please visit to find out more.

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