For Women Who Choose To Groom Their Pubic Hair, One Method Reigns Supreme

We asked, you answered.

In 2022, we’re all about embracing what you want to do when it comes to your pubic hair.

But whether you’re all about minimal maintenance for a more au naturel look, sporting the smoothest skin possible, or you’re somewhere in between, more and more of us are choosing to shave our pubic hair rather than use other methods of hair removal. 

In fact, shaving is now the most popular method of intimate grooming, with 46 per cent of you getting out the razor* as opposed to waxing or heading to the laser clinic.

And you do it often – with 41 per cent of you taking care of your labia majora hairs every single week*.

So why are razors suddenly all the rage right now?

We’re Doing It Better

Over four in five Australian women were never taught how to shave their pubes, so it’s no wonder we maybe felt a bit lost in how exactly to care for our ‘down there’.

Now, we’re a little more educated when it comes to our more delicate and sensitive areas and the extra care they require. Plus, there are products on the market specifically designed to shave, soothe and smooth your pubic region—which means you can those memories of nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hairs goodbye, for good.

Venus Pubic Hair & Skin range
The Venus Pubic Hair & Skin range is designed specifically for your smoothest shave yet.

The new Venus Pubic Hair & Skin collection has been designed to prepare and protect through all stages of the shaving cycle, from exfoliation and shave gel, to the razor itself and after-care (hello, soothing serum to keep everything smoother for longer).

Plus, every product has been tested by both dermatologists and gynecologists, are pH balanced, and made without parabens, dyes, fragrances and silicone, so they’re guaranteed to be your labia majora’s new best friend.

We’re Saving Time

If two years of on-and-off lockdowns taught us anything, it’s that high-maintenance beauty routines are no longer our go-to treatments.

With waxing salons and laser clinics closed, many of us turned to the trusty razor to help keep our pubic areas intact (if we chose to groom them at all), while it felt like the rest of the world was in chaos.

Still, it’s important not to skip the prep when it comes to your pubes and how to shave them. Trim any hairs longer than 6mm, exfoliate thoroughly with a gentle formula to get rid of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, and lather up on the shave gel before picking up the razor.

Venus Pubic Hair & Skin range
While shaving offers a DIY and time-saving approach to hair removal, it’s still important to prep.

It’s also a good idea to save shaving your pubic hair until the end of your shower routine, so the hair follicles can get nice and soft, making them easier to remove.

With many of us keeping up our at-home beauty routines, view the whole process as a little bit of self-care, for down there.

We’re Making Our Own Choices

Of course, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to grooming your intimate areas.

While the noughties may have drilled into us that the Brazilian wax was our only option (and left us with the painful memories to match), right now we’re embracing whatever works for us—in fact, 31 per cent of you said you preferred going au naturel over any form of pubic hair removal*.

These days, we’ve also become less private when it comes to chatting with friends about our privates, with pubic hair grooming routines now a perfectly acceptable coffee catch-up conversation.

Whatever style or shape you choose to embrace, and whether your pubic hair is there, gone or growing, it’s all about giving our grooming routines the care and attention it deserves.

Discover the four-step Venus Pubic Hair & Skin range, designed for the smoothest shave with none of the complications. Dermatologist and gynecologist tested, it’s made without parabens, dyes, fragrance and silicones, and is pH balanced.

Brought to you by Gillette Venus.

* Source: Are Media Research, BodCon survey, Apr22. N=521 Women 18+, N=240 women 18+ who shave (RAW DATA as of 02.05.22)

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