3 Essential Ingredients Your Skin Needs This Winter

Say goodbye to stressed winter skin and hello to a more refined and radiant complexion.

If there’s one thing we know about winter, it’s that our skin tends to take a beating. And a pretty hard one at that. Healthy, luminous summer skin is, more often than not, replaced by dry patches, redness, and a whole lot of irritation.

While we can’t do much about the cold, crisp air outside, the good news is that we can do something about the skincare products we use, to put an end to the seemingly never-ending struggle that is battling dry, winter skin. With the right ingredients, achieving a radiant and more healthy-looking complexion come the colder months is, in fact, possible.

Adjusting your skincare routine to focus on hydrating and barrier-protecting ingredients is a must, so try incorporating these ingredients into your routine for skin that is glowy and hydrated, all year round.


As a key ingredient in skincare, oats can work in tandem with your skin’s natural healing process, soothing, cleansing and moisturising all in one.

“They work to protect your skin and give it a new lease of life in one fell swoop, helping to relieve dry, itchy skin and the appearance of redness,” says Dr Iris Hansen, Aveeno Dermatology Expert.

Enriched with a soothing prebiotic triple oat complex, the Aveeno Skin Relief Wash is fragrance-free and gently cleanses to leave itchy, dry, or sensitive skin feeling soothed, nourished, and moisturised. For optimal results, use in conjunction with the Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion. The non-greasy and fast-absorbing formula works to immediately nourish and restore essential moisture to extra dry and itchy skin.

Look for products like the Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion and Wash that are fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin.

But don’t take our word for it: the formulas are so effective they’ve been backed by dermatologists and are proven to soothe and protect dry skin, the lotion can even double the skin’s moisture in just 1 hour. Consider them our winter skin heroes.

Hyaluronic Acid 

Although somewhat difficult to spell (and perhaps even more difficult to pronounce), hyaluronic acid has been a buzzword in the beauty space for years–and for good reason.

This skincare ingredient packs a mighty punch when it comes to hydration, bonding with water molecules to replenish and boost skin cells’ moisture levels and plumping the skin to reduce the effects of dehydration.

The best part? It’s incredibly gentle, so no matter your skin type, skin condition, or skin routine, you can jump on board the dewy skin train and ride it all winter long.

Vitamin C

Investing in a hyaluronic acid serum is one of the best things you can do for your skin this winter.

This powerhouse ingredient isn’t just for fighting off colds come the cooler months, it’s also a skin-saving staple. Praised for its anti-inflammatory properties and healing abilities, Vitamin C can do no wrong when it comes to the skincare game.

That’s because it’s packed with antioxidants that work to neutralise free radicals from the environment that can wreak havoc on our skin. It also helps to fight dehydration, uneven skin tone and reduces the appearance of some of the visible signs of ageing (hello, dark spots and pigmentation).

Best applied as a topical serum at the start of your skincare routine (after cleansing), this powerful active ingredient helps brighten the complexion over time.

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